Mallorca Photo Diary // Part I

As much as I hated to leave Austria, I couldn’t have been more excited to experience Mallorca, Spain with my BFF & love of my life! When we first started planning our Summer Holiday, a few other destinations we had in mind — Croatia, Amalfi Coast, Santorini — just weren’t happening once the planning process actually began, as those (amazing!) spots on the Globe turned out to be more of headache than enjoyment to get to {from Austria} AND even more so, returning home to the states!

 Mallorca was an easy 2 hour, direct flight from Munich (Franz Josef Strauss Airport) and we winded up with a breeze of a travel day back home to CLT, simply connecting back thru Munich, with only 12 hours of travel vs. 25+ for some of the other locales listed above. Yikes!! Also, besides being easier to reach, the other thing that made Mallorca such a fun & exciting choice was that BOTH of us had never been to Spain! There’s something about setting foot in a country you’ve never visited before that is so incredibly exhilarating — and to explore together!? Even Better! Although different parts, I’ve already been to Italy & Greece, so choosing Mallorca for our 2nd stop in Europe, was this really amazing, brand new, memory-making adventure that was all ours alone!

We booked our travel entirely thru Lufthansa with a multi-destination ticket. We were driving ourselves crazy searching travel sites looking for a great deal, but, in the end, Lufthansa came thru with best prices, flight times & itinerary all together.
For our rental cars, we booked our rides thru Sixt. This is our rental company of choice & more recognized internationally than in the states. They have an awesome selection of really sweet rides! For Austria we choose the Audi Q5s which was super fun to drive and handled amazing in the Alps. Mallorca, we had a zippy little BMW x3.

INSURANCE: Full coverage!? Uhmmm…Yes!! Don’t be cheap! Spend the extra money, its worth it. Your in a foreign country and if anything happens, you want to be covered!
If given the option, go ahead and pay for the refill tank of gas upfront with the total rental price. This option means on your day of departure/drop off, you don’t have to stop at the gas station to refill the tank. For whatever reason, we weren’t given that option at the Munich airport but we were in Mallorca.


Mallorca is an amazing island in so many ways! We stayed in 2 different hotels on opposite sides of Mallorca which was really neat and I’m so happy we planned it that way, as each area had a totally different look & feel and just..vibe to it. I seriously don’t think we could have packed any more into our week in Mallorca and I kinda feel like I could be a pretty good guide if need be! haha

Here are some of my favorite snaps from the first part of our week in Mallorca. I’ll be creating separate posts for various places, things & outfits from throughout our entire trip!

Hotel Predi Son Jaumell
Cala Deia / Ca’s Patro March
La Celtika

Live, Love, Travel

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