Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl + Cocovit Coconut Oil

Hiya loves! I picked up some new matcha green tea powder from Atticus, the sweetest coffee shop in Park City last week (blog post coming soon) and added it to this scrumptious smoothie bowl for a little zing! I love making almond milk matcha lattes at home, typically in the afternoon because I can get that caffeine boost and it doesn’t keep me up at night like coffee does, but with this nasty heat, sometimes I just don’t feel like drinking something hot.

Matcha gives you such a clean energy boost without the coffee crash + it boosts your metabolism & helps to burn calories + its loaded with antioxidants, chlorophyll & loads of vitamins & minerals like magnesium, zinc & Vit C. Make this smoothie bowl for breakfast and perhaps skip that extra cup of coffee or in the afternoon post workout or whenever really for a little pick-me-up! Its full of plant based protein, healthy fats & antioxidants + the matcha really does give you loads of energy. And added bonus, it tastes like ice cream! Wee


6 oz. coconut water (I’m currently using & love Trader Joe’s coconut water + aloe vera juice)
2 bananas (frozen is best)
organic baby spinach. 1 large handful
plant based vanilla protein. 1 scoop
matcha powder. about 1/2 teaspoon

organic kiwi
organic strawberries
banana slices
unsweetened coconut flakes

So I’m totally loving this Cocovit Coconut Oil lately. I decided it was time to stop using the same jar of coconut oil that I use to cook with for my skin & hair. haha I’ve been eyeing this pretty little tub of coconut oil for a while and decided to finally get it and I absolutely love it! A couple nights a week I swap out my regular night creme for this raw & ultra-hydrating oil & I wake up with the smoothest, glowing skin. So I know there’s plenty of girls who have completely given up all moisturizers in place of coconut oil but that just doesn’t work for my skin. I’ve tested it, and it actually makes my skin break out – 2x a week seems to be the perfect number for my skin. I also love to put a good amount on my hair 2-3x a week either 20-30 minutes before a shower or I’ll sometimes go to hot yoga with coconut oil in my hair. It makes it so soft, smoothy & shiny!

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having a beautiful week! xx


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