Meatball Monday

Hiya! Hope everyone stayed dry & warm today…ugh! How miserable is this weather!? Can’t stand it! I need some sun in my life right away. I’ve pretty much diagnosed myself with a serious case of SAD. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Just kidding — eh, but not really. Despite this nasty weather I still managed to have a great day. Super busy with clients, afternoon chiro appt, (2 weeks in a row — so happy about this) awesome workout and finished off my day with a new in home client this evening, that I’m really happy & excited to be working with!

Clean Eats

Scrambled Eggs + Blackberries

Scrambled Eggs + Blackberries

Cucumber Green Smoothie

Absolutely delicious & super cleansing Green Smoothie. Will be my next Smoothie Sunday post. 😉

Lunch and dinner was basically the same thing….ran home starving in the middle of the day and ate leftover Meatballs that my mom made over the weekend when the whole family was together! Soooo, I can’t really describe in words how much I LOVE meatballs! hah Why are they SO Good!?

Meatballs + Brown Rice

Meatballs + Brown Rice. Here’s the pretty picture I snapped on Sunday….

Meatballs Leftovers

Annnd here’s the not so pretty leftovers picture. 3 meatballs for lunch + 2 more for dinner…bringing today’s Meatball Grand Total to… 5!!  I don’t eat pasta anymore so yes, meatballs with brown rice. I promise, still very delicious and satisfying!

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Dinner also included this salad…chopped up & threw together Onion, Cucumber, Tomato, Goat Cheese + Avocado


Warm Up: 10 minutes on Precore AMT

Timed Total Body Circuit (4 rounds)

– Reverse Lunge w/ Front Shoulder Raise – 30 seconds each leg
– Balancing Bicep Curls – 1 minute (30 sec on each leg)
– BOSU Glute/Ham Raises w/ Ball between thighs – 1 minute
– DB Skullcrushers – 1 minute
– Kettle bell Squats – 1 minute

Finished with 15 minutes on Stair Master – single & double steppin’ it!

That does it for me…just another Monday! G’night & Sweet Dreams!

Much Love,





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