Meatless Monday / 4.6.15

Hi & Happy Easter Monday, babes! Hope you had a fab, active & healthy jump into your week, especially after yesterday’s holiday & indulgences! I definitely went the Meatless Monday route today after indulging in yesterdays so-good Easter dinner & dessert! Remember my Carrot Cake Confession…2 pieces!? uhmm yes! haha So with the cake + a larger than normal meal & wine in mind, (and my belly) I woke up this morning with the intention of keeping food super lite & full of cleansing, fibrous foods.
Side note, I weirdly had so much energy today, I didn’t know what to do with myself and worked out twice. Super sweaty cardio sesh before clients & my fave power pilates class after work tonight. Normally, after eating gluten & sugar & drinking alcohol, I feel tired & sluggish the next day but it was the complete opposite today. I attribute this to the sun, warm weather & just the Spring Season in general. Spring & Summer are my seasons, my time to thrive and I just feel this abundance of energy, happiness & motivation. Does anyone else feel this way!? I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted off of me in the form of WINTER!! lol

So that’s a wrap on my day….here’s what I ate to fuel up! xx

Much Love, Health & Happiness,

breakfast was this giant oil-free salad of mixed local greens that I picked up from the Farmer’s Market + 2 Hard Boiled Eggs with cayenne pepper sprinkled in.
I smashed up 1/2 a super ripe avo + 1/2 lemon juiced + a pinch of sea salt.
If I have avocado on a salad, I typically don’t use oil. Even though its good-for-you fat, that’s just a whole lotta fat for one salad. 

I made a big bowl of my Lemony Chickpea Salad to eat & toss into salads throughout the week!

So I decided to make a little salad in a jar to take to work with me. I just chopped up my spinach, layered in some chickpeas & celery then just give it a shake. I ate this after my workout & the strawberries & dates + apple later on during my last session.

Gemüse Salat
dinner was a mish-mosh of leftovers (chickpeas. roasted carrots. quinoa tabbouleh. roasted potato) on a giant bed of arugula. In Austria, you get these AMAZING salads, called a Gemüse Salat which is exactly this. A big mix of veggies/salads on a bed of greens. It is so freakin good & such a delicious mix of flavors & yumminess. I topped it all off with some raw sunflower & pepita seeds! I love the crunchiness of seeds in my salad.

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