Memorial Day Weekend / Cooking with Friends

Hi loves, Happy Thursday! Where has this week gone!?  1) I can’t believe its Thursday, already! 
2) How is it June already!? I swear it just turned 2016 like, yesterday! Any way, I hope the long, MDW was full of fun & happy and the short week is healthy & active after the typical over-indulging during a holiday weekend. 

Adam & I had a pretty low key weekend…we actually stayed in and cooked, for date night in on both Friday & Saturday and we had 2 other couples over to cook up a pretty amazing and healthy meal on Sunday evening. 

If you’ve been following along for a while, I’ve done a few of these Cooking with Friends (couple faves, here & here) posts over the last year or so.. Adam & I love to cook and have friends over + Scott, one of Adam’s best friends basically needs to just open a restaurant – he’s pretty awesome in the kitchen!

Thanks for popping in, hope you and enjoy & you totally need to try these recipes below! 

Much Love, 

yummy board of cheeses, crackers, marcona almonds, olives & salami
for a little pre dinner noshing

I pretty much died when Scott pulled this gorgeous Purple Cauliflower out of the bag of goodies he brought over to cook with! He whipped up a delicious cauliflower purée to eat alongside our salmon…

Scott sent over a pic of this Haricot Verts & Snow Pea Salad recipe for me to share since the recipe is from a book vs an online recipe – so take a screen shot or bookmark this post if you’d like to make this gorgeous salad yourself. And you definitely should! The toasted hazelnuts & orange zest totally made this salad. 

This Chilled Persian Yogurt Soup was OMG. If your new to Le Blog, the only dairy products I usually eat are goat but some things are just worth eating, and this was one of them! If your a fan of chilled soups your going to LOVE this – total foodgasam. The golden raisins & the walnuts + the herbs & rose petals. Eek. If your like me, dairy sensitive or just choose to stay away from it for health reasons & don’t have a full blown allergy, I highly recc making this soup!

So! I wish I got a postable photo of our Salmon dish – it turned out amazing & looked so gorgeous on our new white platter we picked up from Crate & Barrel – buuuuut, I didn’t. lol So I’m simply sharing the link to the recipe on Bon Appétit for this Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel, Citrus, and Chiles

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