Microsoft Fitness Band

To go along with the launch of Microsoft’s Fitness Band, I had the opportunity to host an in store fitness demo at the brand new Microsoft Store in South Park Mall on Thursday afternoon.

Pretty neat & fun experience in a couple ways…
1) always down for the chance to meet new people, I had a super fun time interacting with customers in the store as well as Microsoft employee’s while giving them a brief workout + providing tips for applying proper form & breath while moving thru some basic movements like squats, lunges & push ups.

 2) I was given a run thru of the Fitness Band and all its awesome bells & whistles..
– how it works & syncs to your smart phone thru the App
– counts calories, steps, heart rate, GPS, etc…
– guided workouts
– Sleep Tracker
– links to social media profiles like Facebook & Twitter
– capability to receive calls, text, emails, calendar updates & more…

I can’t say enough about this super sweet Band and all its capabilities available right at your fingertips! When trying to set & reach new health & fitness goals, having a deceive such as the Microsoft Fitness Band is incredibly valuable to holding yourself accountable, staying on track and achieving those little victories which lead to new & permanent healthy, happy lifestyle habits!

Here’s a few photos from my afternoon in the store! xx


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