Mid Week Check In…

Hello, Hello!
Just a quick mid week check in…hope everyone’s week is going well! Hoping to get to bed before midnight tonight. Still been staying up way too late…somewhere between 12-2 is the norm lately and let me tell you, this is sooo not fun.

So much for my easy Monday because both today and yesterday were crazy busy, eat-in-the-car kinda days.


Couldn’t have began more polar opposite than Monday. Forgot to set an alarm & overslept which made for a hurry up & run out the door kind of morning. Cup and a half of coffee and then saved the rest to throw in a smoothie…

Banana, Blueberry Smoothie

What WASN’T in this cup?! Coffee, almond milk, raw cacao, cinnamon, banana, frozen blueberries, Raw vanilla protein, Almond Butter, Green Super Food powder. Hmm, I believe that’s it…

Egg Whites & Brown Rice

More food to go! Ran home on my break and whipped up this concoction… Feeling a little Spanish I guess! lol
– 3 Egg Whites, Brown Rice, Raw Pepitas & Jalapeno Verde Salasa. Doesn’t look appetizing at all but I promise its good! Ate this in the car to my session across town.

Dean & Deluca Dean & Deluca Greek Chicken Salad










Switched it up and went for some D&D over my usual Tuesday night Whole Foods run before teaching.
– Roasted Vegetables & Roasted Butternut Squash w/ shallots & cranberries – SO Yummm!
– Greek Chicken Salad & Peppermint Tea w/ lemon

Squeezed in 35 minutes at the Y between my last client & teaching yoga.

Tuesday Cardio Sesh

– 15 minutes: Precore AMT
– 20 minutes: 1 min run/1 min walk


Woke up with plenty of time to enjoy my morning routine. Green tea instead of coffee this morning (trying to do less coffee & more tea) and had plenty of time to cook up some oatmeal.


Super filling & satisfying oatmeal with Goji Berries, Dried Apricots, 2 tbspn of Hemp Seeds, coconut oil & cinnamon.
Speaking of a satisfying breakfast…you might like to check out my friend Katie’s Fried Banana Breakfast Toast (sounds amazing, right!?) She posted this on her blog, Honeystuck, this morning.

Had a 1.5 hour break between sessions this afternoon which gave me just enough time to pop into Earth Fare, run to the bank and left me with a whole 20 minutes at home so naturally, I made a smoothie.

Green Smoothie

SO GREEN!!! Added in some spirulina today.

Power Greens

Big handful of these babies went into the blender….

Green Smoothie

Power Greens, Banana, Pineapple, Celery, Spirulina, Water & Ice.

Blue Corn Chips & Salsa Verde

Home from work and Starvin’ Marvin!! Totally didn’t eat enough today. Blue Corn Chips & Jalepeno Verde Salsa (this is what was in my eggs & rice). Snacked on this while heating up my soup on the stove..

Minestrone Soup

Mmm Mmm! Homemade Minestrone Soup. Tons of veggies + little baby meatballs.

Ate this and then I was off to yoga. 715 Hot class with Tanner at Y2. First practice of the week and it felt amazing.

Now for some sleep (hopefully)

Much Love,








    • Lauren Schwaiger
      December 6, 2013 / 4:47 am

      Welcome girl! ughh! Ice them a bit for the inflammation and stretch it out! 😉

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