Mid-Week Check In…My Food, Workouts & Some FitSpiration

Hiya! Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful, start! Monday morning and Monday in general, was just nuts! I didn’t know if I was comin’ or goin’….I could not fall asleep to save my life Sunday night. This is happening more and more. I just have so much going on that I can’t shut my mind off at night. I think it was nearly 2am before I finally passed out, so needless to say, Monday morning came way too early! Needed to finish up my Music Monday post, get ready for work, eat breakfast and get out the door. Did all this rushing about only to get to work and have my first client totally mix up our days and missed our workout. Gotta love it…

Green Smoothie & Eggs

Monday Brek: 2 Eggs Scrambled & Green Smoothie. I picked up this new brand of Spirulina over the weekend and good Lord does it turn my smoothies dark green!! But doesn’t effect the taste, at all.

My 130 sesh was in South Park so I popped into D&D to grab some food quick before I had to be at his office.

Grilled Chicken & Grape Salad

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Grilled Chicken, Grape & Celery Salad. Brussels Sprouts Salad. This was SO good.


After my client, I took myself right back to D&D for some green tea & a little sweet treat! I really wanted some tea before my session but the line was too long and I would have been late. 2 Dark Chocolate Turtles – Yum. Dark Chocolate is my indulgence and these are amazing!

I had about 1.5 hours before my last 2 sessions of the day, so I ran a couple errands, ran home to grab some gym clothes to workout right after work. Finished up around 645 and went straight to the Y.

Monday’s Gym Sesh:
– 20  minutes: Precore AMT
– 20 minutes: Stairmaster – single & double steppin’ it

2 Rounds of everything – Full Body Circuit:
– 1 minute: Skullcrushers
– 1 minute: db Chest Press, Flat Bench
– 20 reps: Reverse flys – 1 minute: Kettle Bell Squats
– 1 minute: Reverse Curl & Should Press (Balancing on one leg, 30 seconds each leg. This really gets your core working harder!)

Starving after my workout….

Chicken & Brown Rice

Chicken Cacciatore leftover from a family dinner. Ate this while I had some Brussels Sprouts Steaming…

Arugala, Tomato & Brussels Sprouts Salad

Arugala, Tomatoes, Onion & Brussels Sprouts.
Just a little bit of Olive Oil & Balsamic drizzled on top.

Today could not have been more gorgeous out! We are having the most beautiful fall this year.  Another busy day, but thank goodness I got to bed a little earlier last night and got some solid sleep. Woke up with a ton of energy! Coffee, emails and breakfast. Was in the mood for an omelette this morning, rather than a smoothie.

LS Omelette

This omelette was so satisfying! Sun dried tomatoes, onion & threw in some brussels sprouts from last night.


Sautee the onions & tomatoes first and then toss the sprouts in just for a minute before pouring the eggs in. I LOVE to really sweat the onions to bring out the flavor. The brussels sprouts are already steamed/cooked so you don’t need to put them in for too long.

Lots of running around today between training sessions and a 4pm meeting. Dashed into Earth Fare, starving and picked up some grilled chicken & a Suja Juice.

Suja Juice

I’ve mastered eating in the car! Some days, its this or go hungry.  I always ask to have my chicken sliced, makes life easy. LOVE this Purify Suja juice. I swear my skin just glows when I drink & eat a good amount of beets and carrots.

After my meeting, squeezed in some cardio. 45 minutes of Sprint Intervals on the Treadmill, which actually felt really good today. Did a lot of foam rolling yesterday to loosen up my Hips,  IT Bands & Quads which made such a difference during my run. Some weeks I am so on top of foam rolling and others I just don’t make the time for it and I totally pay for it. For all you workout fanatics out there, be sure to make the time to stretch — and I mean STRETCH. Not a wimpy little 15 second, standing quad stretch here and there — foam roll, do yoga, treat your body to a massage, etc… to balance it all out.

Showered up quickly at the gym and then ran to Whole Foods to eat and make my playlist for my class.


uhmm…what is NOT in this box?! I just throw in everything I love off the hot & cold bars. Mixed greens w/ goat cheese, beets, brussels sprouts, carrots, artichokes, pepitas, zucchini, onions, sqaush, roasted butternut squash. Eat Your Veggies!! 😉

My Tuesday Look…

LS outfit of the day

Pretty basic, really. Lulu Ebb To Street Pant & Modern Tank. Anthropologie infinity scarf. Nike Air Max.




Sooo, I debated whether or not I was going to post this pic but decided what the F…if this picture inspires and motivates even one person to eat healthier & get in shape then I/this blog is doing what I set out to do. Hard work most certainly DOES pay off. Not only in the gym but in ALL aspects of life. As far as being fit & looking good…that’s just the icing on the cake. First and foremost, its about your health, longevity and FEELING good. Waking up everyday with energy & focus to take on the day and LIFE.

Much Love,



  1. Amy
    October 30, 2013 / 7:20 pm

    awesome abs!

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      November 1, 2013 / 2:28 am

      Thank uuu!! 🙂

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