Mission: Sexy Legs & Booty

Hey Hey dolls!
As promised, here is the Teadmill workout I did but didn’t get to post along with yesterday’s Motivation Monday post…I did this workout on my break between clients yesterday and I was absolutely drippin’ sweat afterwards — I Luhhhh it!!! Nothing like a good sweat sesh! As I wrote yesterday, my Monday’s have been positively nuts lately which leaves me with a small window to get my own workout in. I don’t do much cardio over the weekends, so I really enjoy kicking off my week with a awesome, super sweaty cardio workout like this one!

*As always, please remember that these speeds & inclines are suggestions. Always, always stay within your limits. Of course, push/challenge yourself but never sacrifice form or God forbid, fall off the treadmill!! For example, a 15 incline is as high as it gets, if your absolutely dieing, please do grab on OR even better, just decrease the incline and you still have the challenge of not holding on.

Much love, health & happiness!! xx

Sexy Legs & Booty - Treadmill Workout

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