Scoping out new & cute coffee, juice & smoothie shops + checking out new studios & workouts are just a couple of my favorite things to do while traveling to different cities! So while I was in NYC last week, one of the things on my to-do list was to (excitedly!) check out ModelFIT – a boutique studio combining all of my favorite forms of movement — yoga, pilates, stability & functional training + more for a total body sculpting sesh! Between Insta & a couple fitness websites I tune into, I’ve had ModelFIT on my radar for the last several months, hearing/reading quite a bit of hype/press on this studio and how amazing the workout is. I have to admit, I was torn between ModelFIT OR getting in the ultimate ass kicking at Barry’s Bootcamp. But since I’ve been to Barry’s several times & I was only in the city for such a short amount of time, I wanted to try something fun & new!

Located on the 2nd Floor at 212 Bowery, I immediately loved the look & vibe of the light & airy studio. I took ModelFIT SCULPT — 60 minutes of total body sculpting & toning (and burning!) LOVE!! 🙂 My particular class was heavy on bands, barre & balance – all performed with 3lb ankle weights. This is, you guessed it, more stuff I love! Class was taught by a super nice & gently-motivating, Brazilian beauty named, Elaine. I loved my class & the exercises that left me sore all over — especially my bum (yes!) + learned a few new moves to take back home to CLT with me.

Everyone was friendly & nice. Good playlist, good vibes + small & personal class size. The studio was minimal, cool & clean with all types of equipment + a well appointed locker room if you need to freshen up before heading back out. I definitely recommend checking out ModelFIT  1) if you live in NYC but haven’t gone yet. 2) If you happen to be traveling to the city & like me, love checking out cool new studios, offering awesome workouts! There’s several different classes to choose from as well as one on one training sessions.

Worth mentioning: Unfortunately, I read a couple bad reviews on Yelp about ModelFIT, really bashing the place, which seriously put me on the fence about going & even more so, paying $40 for a class that may or may not be worth my time or money. Obviously, I decided to go anyway and couldn’t be happier with my decision. And yes, it was totally worth the 40 bucks! (in my opinion) Whatever it may be, we all enjoy different things but, when it comes to working out, we all have a different level of fitness that needs to be taken into account. The Sculpt class I took may appear to be easy, but it certainly is not. In my professional opinion, the class takes a fair amount of body awareness, balance & coordination to really get the most out of it. There were 2 girls in my class that, as much as I hate to sound mean & say it, lacked these things and they were struggling (and stumbling) throughout the entire class. So I’m assuming their feedback wold be quite a bit different that what I’ve shared here.

Any way, I just wanted to throw that out there and say I just think it sucks that someone wrote something so negative about something that is actually awesome and could potentially cause someone to skip out on this fun, fitness experience. xx

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