Monday Eats & Gym Sesh

Good evening! Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful, productive start! I can’t believe we are into our first week of November! Ah, goodbye long, warm, sunny days. I woke up this morning feeling so well rested and had loads of energy which was surprising considering I was up until nearly 1am, again, last night. I had a busy busy day of client sessions and squeezed in my workout this afternoon on my break.

Monday Gym Sesh

Precore AMT: 20 minutes
Stair Master: 20 Minutes: 3 minutes double steps/3 minutes single steps.
Level ranged between 9-14.

I did this Full Body Circuit in between each 20 minutes of cardio.

Skullcrushers: 1 minute x 2
Step Up w/ Knee Up & Twist: 30 seconds each leg x 2 (did these on a bench)
Barbell Bench Press: 1 minute x 2
Reverse Flys: 20 reps x 2

*Reverse Flys: Did these lying on my stomach, on a flat bench – lift legs & chest off bench while performing reverse fly. This gets your entire backside working. Reverse flys are one of my favorite exercises and I do these often to counter all the chest exercise & yoga that I do. Reverse flys are a great exercise for scapular retraction & to get your rear delts firing.

Monday Clean Eats

Green Smoothie + Quinoa

Green Smoothie + Quinoa.
With this mornings chilly weather, I was already thinking about not making a smoothie because it makes me ice cold! Did eat some warm quinoa after I drank my smoothie, though. I like to cook my quinoa in chicken broth for extra flavor. After I took this pic, I sprinkled in some Turmeric & Cayenne Pepper. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory & cayenne is a awesome metabolism booster. I add both of these spices to my food on the regular!

Chicken & Brown Rice

Pre Workout Lunch: 
Brown Rice & Chicken with a spicy Jalepeno Verde Salsa. Perfect combo of protein & carbs to get me thru my afternoon gym sesh.

Jalapeno Verde Salsa

Spicy Jalapeno Verde Salsa from Harris Teeter- love this stuff!

Green Tea

I steeped some Green Tea with my lunch this afternoon rather than drinking coffee. I got these beautiful loose leaf teas in the NYC street markets last month.

Grilled Veggies & Chicken

Big mix of salad & roasted veggies…tomatoes, asparagus & eggplant with chicken breast & crumbled feta cheese.

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