Montage: Clean Eats

Hi Hi, dolls! Eeeek!! It has been quite a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been eating over here so a montage of Clean Eats, this will be….going back several weeks — here’s a look at brekkie, fruit, loads of roasted & sautéed veggies, some yummy/cozy/nourishing/winter meals and of course, salad – there’s always salad!! 🙂
Hope you find some happy, healthy, clean eating inspiration in the photos below! xx

LS Health & FitTips:
prepare extra to make for easy, healthy meals over the next couple days. You’ll notice in my photos how I often use my leftovers for breakfast/lunch over the next day or two…
– I try to never use the microwave unless I really need to. When reheating veggies, I toss a portion back into a pan + a touch of coconut or “high heat” oil (grapseed is another fave of mine)
Food Combining: No Starches + Meat. You’ll notice here, when eating potatoes, I’m not eating meat. 😉 This makes life easier on your digestive system which creates better nutrient absorption.
Water: Drink before/after your meal, not during. If you must, small sips. This helps with digestion, as well. 
– Get your healthy carbs out of the way during the day time, eating leafy greens, colorful veggies & lean proteins for dinner!

PS: Outside of what you see here, some of my everyday/eat between clients, Grab & Go snacks are:
– raw nuts & seeds
– dried apricots
– apples.
I eat 2 apples almost every day of my life. 
I drink wine with dinner almost every night & eat small amounts of super delicious, dark chocolate pretty much every night, too! Life is short, I know what works for me… Find what works for you, cultivate a healthy balance, never deprive yourself (it only backfires), develop a healthy relationship with food & do something active everyday.

Much Love, Health & Happiness,

Fruit + Goat Yogurt w Cinnamon & Cacao Nibs

Dear Foodie Call, we love u…
After spending two frigid days in NYC, waking up hungover at 7am (on a Saturday morning!?)  and flying back to CLT. We got home around 2pm and immediately ordered in our fave comfort food — Chicken soup served w/ plantains & avocado from Pio Pio.

Pea Soup
Silly tidbit, I really don’t care for peas but LOVE pea soup! 

our super yummy roasted butternut squash + salad 

warm salad, lightly steamed – string beans & colored carrots w/ olive oil sea salt & pepper

Fuel & Purify, my 2 favorite Suja Juices
Beet & Carrot juice make your skin healthy, vibrant and glow from within! 

Delicious Schnitzels + Sauteed String Beans with Garlic & Pear Tomatoes 
Used the leftover schnitzels on top of a couple salads for dinner & lunch the next day. 

roasted a giant pot of my fave veggies – red cabbage, onions, brussels + carrots with olive oil, sea salt & pepper & garlic to go along with one of our favorite, and so easy meals. 
roasted chicken thighs (we couldn’t find organic thighs with the skin ON that day at the store, so we went with legs instead) with lemon & herbs 

Mix of my favorite fruits + goat yogurt + cinnamon + honey + cacao nibs 

purple & yukon gold potatoes, onions, carrots & root vegetables with rosemary 
such a simple, healthy & comforting winter dinner. We ate this as our meal + a salad while this pot of goodness was roasting in the oven…
and then I ate potatoes for the next couple days…lol

I ate this before yoga on Saturday morning and for whatever reason it could not have been more satisfying…
The avocado was perfectly perfect & I tossed the potatoes back into a pan to get them super well done, crispy and just Fn amazing, actually! haha

Beet Salad + way too much wine last Saturday night for girls night out at Bistro la Bon 

turned 1/2 head of red cabbage that we had left in the house into this so yummy bowl of braised cabbage! Then ate it again in the morning with our eggs. 🙂

I can seriously eat Lentil Soup everyday in the winter. Its so good, hearty & comforting. Lentils are a complete protein, full of Iron & Fiber. So good!
I ate this as a late lunch a couple days ago and made dinner was this salad + seared tuna at Firebirds. While lentils are no doubt, super healthy, they are still full of carbs and  I prefer to eat lean at night. 

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