more yoga, please.

hi loves. Happy Monday to ya! How was your weekend!? Adam’s birthday was last Thursday so I spoiled him all the love + dinner at one of our favorite spots, Barringtons. Friday was another fun night out at Stagioni and by the time Saturday rolled around, all we wanted to do was stay in and cook. Do you ever just crave a good & healthy, home cooked meal!? Going out is fun and all, but staying in and cooking up a delicious meal is just the best! Sunday was a family dinner – my mom made her famous ribs – SO GOOD!

So now that we’re all caught up…
I feel like my body is talking to me and “more yoga” is coming in loud & clear! I’ve been going really hard for the past year and I feel like my body is starting to be like, woah Lauren, pump the brakes.
Pretty much every part of me has been hurting lately – my hips & glutes, my neck & shoulders, my back is tight and even my (flat) feet hurt! If you follow along regularly, you know that I’ve been pushing myself to run more and I think its taken its toll on me. Running + boxing + HIIT strength circuits + practically no time in the yoga studio have left me feeling all achy and old or something.
Last week, I went to yoga 3x and let me tell it could not have felt better! I honestly do not remember the last time I got on my mat 3x in one week. The plan was to go 5x, but my work schedule just didn’t allow. I started off this brand new week & new month with the sweatiest yoga practice at Charlotte Yoga with one of my favorite instructors Rian Harris. {P.S. The 4 o’clock classes at Charlotte Yoga are only 10 bucks}
I feel like my body has let out this huge sigh of relief all in just 4 practices. I can already notice such a difference in every way – mind & body. My tight hips feel more open and my hurried mind feels more calm.

Rather than feeling all tight and locked up, as I often have when randomly popping into a yoga class, today’s practice felt like it did when I used to spend 6 days (and sometimes 2x a day) a week in the studio. Today’s practice felt the way a yoga practice should be – a beautiful, rhythmic dance between movement and breath.

do more yoga.


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