Motivation Monday

Happy Monday lovelies! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

The temp here in CLT rose to a sunny & oh-so-lovely 70 degrees today — nothing like a random 70 degree February day to remind you that Spring is right around the corner + give you a little extra motivation to get in shape for warmer weather (and less clothing)!

I would rather be covered in sweat at the gym than covered in clothes at the beach!

Exercise to be Fit, Not Skinny

I had a looong day of sessions + my jet lag has been kicking in early evening the last few days which makes it tough to do anything but passsss out — apparently my body clock is still set to 5 hours ahead. So I was all pumped to go to the gym after work tonight but my legs…well, they just weren’t on the same page. My hammies are so so SO sore from Friday’s leg workout + Saturday 1.5 hours of yoga fusion. (more dead lifts, more squats = not walking normal) Yesterday was a rest day, for sure.
Tonight’s workout was 45 minutes of easy intervals on the treadmill. 2 minute jog/3 minute walk followed by a whole lotta  stretching. Have a boxing sesh scheduled for tomorrow & CANNOT wait!! Favorite. Workout. Ever.

Lauren Schwaiger

Hey Heyyyy

Monday Clean Eats

Apple, Gogi Berry + Cacao Nibs Oatmeal

Morning Oatmeal: Gala Apple | Coconut Oil | Cinnamon | Goji Berries | Cacao Nibs

Turkey + White Bean Chili

Lunch was leftover Turkey + White Bean Chili I made to bring to yesterdays Super Bowl get together. YUMS!

Quinoa Fruit Salad

Totally random snack to take with & eat in between sessions… Quinoa + Strawberries + Blackberries w/ cinnamon & baby spoon of Grade B Maple Syrup. Delish.

Cucumber + Tomato + Peppers Salad

Cucumber | Red Onion | Tomato | Peppers | Goat Cheese | Dill
Wasn’t that hungry tonight so super light dinner of this chunky salad + Hard Boiled Egg

A few songs I’m loving lately. Great jams for the gym. Enjoy!!

G’night & Fit Dreams! xx


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