Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Helloooo dolls!  Alright, Alright! Its Motivation Monday so first things first…this is my quote of the day. (I’ll explain in just a moment)

Motivation - If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

Hope you all had happy, healthy day! After a beautiful, sunny & mild weekend, we are back to nasty, cold & rainy weather….expecting snow, even! ugh. Despite this cold, I-just want-to-go-home-skip-the-gym-and-curl-up weather…it doesn’t change the fact that Spring is right around the corner. Suuure, you can tell yourself that you have plenty of time to get in the shape that YOU want to be in. No, no, no, no…. With that being said, what did you do on this Monday, the start of a brand new week to start living healthfully & happily?? Yes, happily — because healthy IS happy. I had a fantastic day. Clients traveling this week so just 4 hours of sessions today with a long break in between. I got in both cardio + my fitness love — Boxing! whoop whoop.

Monday Fitness:

StairMaster: 25 minutes (level 10-11)
Boxing: 3 minute rounds/30 second rest – Shadow Boxing: 3 rounds
– Mitt Work: 3 rounds – Double End Bag: 5 rounds – Heavy Bag: 1 round

My boxing coach had me hit the Double End bag today, which I haven’t hit in a year. (if not longer) Oh. My. God. This thing wore. me. out. I can’t tell you how many times I swung and missed during the first 2 rounds. Improved a bit by the 3rd and got a good rhythm going by the 4th and especially, the 5th.

Now, going back to that quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”… So I’ve gotten really good on the mitts — my speed & footwork has improved, I’m hitting harder and my endurance is awesome! I can pound the mitts all day long. (ok, not all day) Just when I think I’m “soooo good at boxing” my coach throws the Double End bag into the mix. I’ll be the first to admit that I want to be good at something right out of the gate, so during those first two rounds when I barely landed any punches on that damn bag popping back & forth at me – I was frustrated. BUT…just a few rounds, and only a few minutes later I had already improved. So there in lies my lesson/quote of the day….do I want to just hit the mitts week after week and remain the same?? OR take on a new challenge and show that double end bag what I’m made of!? I accept the challenge. What new challenges can you take on in your life that will help you learn something new about yourself, help you to change, grow, evolve — physically, emotionally, mentally?

On to today’s clean eats….pretty high carb day which I needed to get me thru my workouts. Oatmeal for brek and again for lunch — one savory, one sweet. Both delicious! I didn’t have any quinoa, brown rice or sweet potatoes (my fave complex carbs) prepared so oatmeal it was for my pre-boxing fuel.

Savory Oatmeal - Onion, Spinach, Avocado & Pine Nuts

Savory Oatmeal: 1/4 oats | 2 egg whites | spinach | pine nuts | avocado | cayenne pepper

Turkey + Apple Snack

turkey breast | raw almonds | gala apple
snack between PT sessions

Banana, Goji Berries & Chia Seeds Oatmeal

1/4 Oats | banana | goji berries | TSPN chia seeds | pecans

Banana + Mixed Berries Green Smoothie

banana | frozen mixed berries | power greens mix | TSPN cacao powder
cinnamon | splash USV almond milk & water

Lentil Soup

Annnnd…for dinner, more Lentil Soup! This is probably my 6th bowl of lentils in the last week – lentils for lunch, lentils for dinner. I LOVE them. There’s plenty of frozen spinach in this soup but I added a small handful of fresh baby spinach for some extra green.

Double End Bag Workout

Time to get some sleep.
G’night & so much <3 LS

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