Motivation Monday

Happy Monday guys!!
Hope everyone has had an awesome day! My day has been absolutely nuts but great — super busy and got this killer HIIT workout in this afternoon on my break. I was dripping sweat and felt fantastic afterwards!

HIIT Treadmill Workout -

Remember these are suggested speeds & inclines. Always stick to YOUR level of fitness and do what YOU can do.


I just LOVE this!! Couldn’t agree more.
Puhhleassse stop thinking of eating healthy and working out as being on a “diet”. Once you decide on living a healthy LIFESTYLE, your chances of success are so much greater!

Train Like An Athlete

Yes. Yes.Yes. Yes.
uhm, I’m particularly fond of the Sleep like a Baby one! 🙂

Monday (super) Clean Eats!!

Eggs + Fat Burner Green Smoothie

Scrambled Eggs + Fat Burning Green Smoothie
Pre Workout

Quinoa + Apple Snack

Sweet Potato + Satueed Kale & Egg Whites

Post Workout Meal
Sweet Potato + Sauteed Baby Kale, Onion & Mushroom & 2 eggs whites Green Tea

Grilled Chicken & Salad

Protein Party tonight! Grilled Chicken & Pork Chop + Salad

Much love, health & happiness!

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