Motivation Monday

Hello Hello & Happy Monday lovelies!
Hope your day was wonderful. Ah, so I think it is safe to say that warmer weather is here AND here to stay. I believe we got our last pop of cold weather for the season last week. Pretty standard Monday, nothing super exciting to report. Woke up this morning, drank a big cup of green tea + cayenne pepper rather than coffee. (pretty damn proud of this) and then off to the gym for another fasted cardio sesh. Same as Saturday, 20/20/20 split on the treadmill, StairMaster & Precore AMT. I’m seriously enjoying starting my day like this and I had so much energy all day – so sweaty. so good.  felt amazing.

Good things come to those who Sweat.

No carbs & super clean eating after a fun Easter weekend of indulging…

Clean Eats

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato & Avo

2:1 Scrambled Eggs | Tomato + Avo

Health Snacks

midi snacks + my BKR to stay  hydrated throughout the day…

Superfood Green Smoothie

you can’t tell from the color but this smoothie is packed with greens plus all my favorite superfoods
2 handfuls energie greens | banana | frozen cherries | gogi berries
| raw cacao powder | acai powder | chia seeds

cucumber & hummus

Cucumber + Hummus
currently my fave snack. So refreshing + you get a bit of protein in from the hummus. Good stuff.

Grilled Lamb + Salad

Salad + left over lamb from Easter Din. Yum!

annnnd, I am totally in love with this new Armin Van Buuren track. Just a really happy, awesome & motivational song to workout to!
Enjoy & much love – xx

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