Motivation Monday

Hey Hey loves.
Hope your Monday was so great! My day was good & all over the place. Meeting first thing this morning, camped out at Whole Foods for a bit working/writing on my iPad until time to train my South Park client, home to eat, workout, more clients and back home. weee 🙂 I LOVE busy days like this. Last week I mentioned a new project/job I am involved in but didn’t spill the beans as to what I’m doing. Aaaaand you still have to wait juuust a little longer….I’m dedicating more & more time to this new role I’ve taken on and as a result, I am starting to write more & more. I’m loving this new challenge, except for the part that causes me to sit on my bum more than I care to. This is quite the adjustment for me and kinda makes me feel lazy but I’m learning to love it. (not the sitting part) I’m so excited for this new venture, I have so much to learn and it challenges me in a different way than personal training & teaching yoga.


It is so incredibly important to continue to learn, grow, develop and improve yourself in all aspects of life – physically, mentally, emotionally,  personally & professionally. I have grown light years over the last few years and I am so proud of myself for this. Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid change – as there is no growth without change. Don’t be afraid to fail, you never know the possibilities waiting for you in this great, amazing world if you never try. A few months back, I was talking about a project I was working on but never announced it on the blog. I’m pretty personal (is this even allowed when your a blogger???)  ;-p and don’t like to talk things up before they happen or jinx myself. So any way, unfortunately, everything I was working on winded up not coming to fruition. And this is completely ok. I learned so much in the process and I’m smarter & stronger for it.

Clean Eats

hard boiled eggs + fruit

Suja Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice + my fave Orange suede loafers 🙂
+  a piece of chicken that I brought from home.

Green Apple + Hummus & Tomatoes

mixed greens + veggies salad

this salad just kept growing…So yummy
mixed greens | tomato | cucumber | mushrooms | yellow pepper | goat cheese
Dressing: Juiced 1 lime + Olive Oil

beef frikadellen + Broccoli

WOD – Cardio + Strength

– Cardio: 1 mile: power walk. 2 miles: 1 min run/1 min recovery (about 35 min give or take)
Strength: Hamstrings, Shoulders & Triceps
Triceps, Rope Pulldown: 15 x 3
BOSU Ball: unilateral (one sided) Glute/Ham Raise: 15 x 3
Underhand, Triceps Pulldown: 15 x 3
Single Leg Dead Lift/Upright Row Combo: 15 x 3 (30 upright rows each set)
~ foam rolling & stretching ~

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