Motivation Monday: Food + Fitness

Happy Monday loves! Hoping everyone had a beautiful weekend and your week is off to a fantastic start!

Quick stop into share what last weeks workouts looked like plus some recent clean eats…..

Motivation Monday  -

Fitness Recap: 6.17.14 – 6.22.14

Sun: Rest Day, Father’s Day
Mon: 60 minutes fasted cardio: 30 StairMaster/15 Precore AMT/15 Treadmill Tues: 60 minutes cardio + 60 minutes hot yoga
Weds: 60 minutes arm balance & inversion practice + 60 minutes hot yoga
Thurs: 60 minutes hot yoga
Fri: much needed rest day
Sat: Full Body Circuit – focus on legs & glutes + 30 minutes (2 miles) incline, power walk
Sun: 60 minutes cardio – 20/20/20 – PreCore AMT/StairMaster/Sprint Intervals

Clean Eats

Fathers Day Plate - Ribs

Fathers Day mixed grill plate… Ribs + Chicken Thigh, KrautSalat & Corn

Mixed Berries

Yummy berries for dessert.
My whole family was enjoying my mom’s ahhh-mazing Key Lime cheesecake with a graham cracker crust (OMG)  and I ate this instead.

fruit bowl -

Spinach Open Faced Omelette

Green Smoothie -

2 handfuls organic baby spinach | banana | cucumber | ground flaxseed | dash of cayenne pepper | splash unsweetened vanilla almond milk + water & ice

Monkfish -

Monkfish also called Poor Mans Lobster. First time having this and it was SO incredibly deslish! The taste & texture was seriously like Lobster. High rec trying this out..

Omelette + Tomatoes

apple + almond butter

Clean Eating on the Go -

Travel food for a busy day of sessions

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