Motivation Monday: Food + Fitness

Hello Monday & H E L L O New Week!! Last week…I am SO glad to see you go. PMSing something awful, seriously lethargic & bloated, just getting out of bed was a struggle let alone working out. ughsHalf of last weeks workouts were good & the other half…eh, not so much. If you suffer from hellacious PMS symptoms, my advice to you is to do everything in your power to fight thru the urge to eat everything in sight + skip your workouts and realize that your MF’ing hormones are just playing a viscous game on you & you’ll return to your normal, former self within a few days. Easier said than done, right?
Fitness: Do your best to keep your normal workout schedule…this will keep your raging hormones at bay.
Nutrition: Eat nourishing foods & liquids: – Stay away from sugars & refined carbs – Increase your Omega-3’s & fiber intake – Room temperature or warm liquids: warm water with lemon & calming teas like chamomile – Healing Spices: Cinnamon, Cayenne, Ginger, etc…

Fitness Recap: 6.22.14 – 6.28.14

Sun: 60 minutes cardio: 20/20/20 – PreCore AMT/StairMaster/Sprint Intervals
Mon: 60 minutes, fasted cardio: StairMaster: 30, PreCore AMT: 15, Treadmill, 15
Tues: Rest – The plan was a 7pm,  hot yoga but after my chiro appointment, he suggested I take it easy for the rest of the day.
Weds: 50 minutes cardio: Precore AMT: 20, Treadmill, 30 minutes of Sprint Intervals Side Note: This was probably my worst day last week! If it weren’t for meeting a friend at the gym, it wouldn’t have happened. Make a sweat date, and DO NOT break it!
Thurs: – W/U: 3 min Jump Rope
– Full Body Circuit, focusing on Legs/Glutes – 15 minutes (1 mile) power walk after
Fri: 60 minutes, fasted cardio: 4+ miles – incline, power walk
Sat: 60 minutes cardio + shoulders, chest & tri’s circuit
– Treadmill: 15 minutes: incline, power walk (1 mi) + 15 minutes: 1 min sprint/1 min recover

– Shoulders + Chest + Tris:
– Superman, reverse flys (lying on my stomach, lift up and squeeze everything posteriorly while you perform these) : 20 x 3
– Triceps: Rope Pulldowns: 20 x 3 – Flat Bench, BB, Chest Press: 30 x 3
– Tricep Dips: 15 x 3 StairMaster: 20 min, Treadmill: 10 more minutes of Sprint Intervals

Currently, one of my fave booty exercises! This was part of my Circuit in Thursdays workout. I did 3 sets of 20 reps. – Hips rest just below the edge of the bench/table, so your able to move/kick freely. – Inhale: knees draw in. Exhale: kick back, squeeze glutes & hammie + contract your abs. Added Challenge: Wear ankle weights or squeeze pilates ball between thighs.


Clean Eats

A selection of some of last weeks healthy, happy, clean meals…

Blueberries, Papaya & Strawberries

Blueberries | Papaya | Strawberries

Green Smoothie + Blueberries

Simple Green Smoothie + Blueberries
Spinach | Parsley | Ground Flaxseed | Banana | Water & Ice

Chicken + Asparagus

Mixed Salad

Rush Espresso - Chicken Salad

Thursday afternoon treat at Rush Espresso Almond Milk Latte + yummy Chicken Salad

Banana + Mango Smoothie

in the mood for something NOT Green…lol made this delicious smoothie after my cardio on Friday morning
Banana + Frozen Mango Chunks | unsweetened shredded coconut | maca powder | unsweetened van almond milk + 3 eggs

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