Motivation Monday: Run Happy

Hello my loves! Happy Monday! Hoping the week is off to a stellar start for you all!
Rather than the usual Workouts this Week Post, I’m switching it up with this special Motivation Monday post! 
Last week was amazing & exhausting in all the most wonderful ways. We just returned to Charlotte last Thursday evening (Feb. 2nd) after our incredible 10 day cruise to celebrate dad’s 65th birthday! I worked for a bit on Friday and for the weekend, I had to sit in a Post Licensing class for Real Estate from 830am-5pm both Saturday & Sunday. I get to do it all over again this weekend, too! Wee…

If your wondering about the Run Happy part of this post…let me explain! 🙂 I am so NOT a runner. Like, at all. Running has never come easy to me but I’ve always been enamored with the idea of running. I’ve always watched in awe of those people who seem as if they could just run for days, whether it be outdoors or on the treadmill. Adam happens to be one of those people. He runs so beautifully & effortlessly and he’s definitely being an inspiration to me. During 2016 I really worked on my running and have made SO much progress, you guys! On my (long) list of To Do’s for Le Blog is to share some tips & tricks for how I’ve gotten stronger & more efficient with my runs. I can’t believe I am able to sit here and say/type this, but I have even grown to love running. What!? Who am I!?  

Last Tuesday and Wednesday were our last 2 days on our cruise, which were both sea days. We woke up, got in our coffee & a delicious brekkie & headed to the gym! This way I knew I could enjoy my day, having fun in the sun and not worry about feeling tired from the sun and/or have a couple drinks and then never get around to my workout. Just get up & get it over with, loves! No excuses 😉 And yes, even on vacation – you’ll feel so much better for it!

Tuesday. 1.31
I had what might have been one of my best runs ever! I don’t know if it was my egg whites + giant bowl of oatmeal & berries or what, but I did an hour on the treadmill and it felt SO good. The first 2 miles = power walking on an incline and the next 2.5 = running + I worked some incline intervals into the mix! I know 2.5 miles isn’t anything crazy but like I said, I’m not a runner. So for me, that was a good distance & I have to say, I’m proud of myself! 

{ the gym on the ship was amazing! I wish I could workout here everyday. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean as far as the eye can see. So beautiful, peaceful & inspiring }

egg white omelette with spinach & salmon | bowl of fresh berries + hazelnuts, dates
& dried apricots

Wednesday. 2.1
 I did some power walking for 20 minutes + this full body strength circuit….
Reverse Flys (on the hyperextension bench) 20×3
*this is so good for your entire trunk*
Side/Oblique Crunches with top leg lifted on Hyperextension Bench: 15×3 (on each side)
Push Ups: 20×3
Reverse Lunge + Neutral Shoulder Press: 15×3 on each side (30 total for each set)
Overhead Tricep Extensions: 15×3

Thursday. 2.2

Friday. 2.3.
Cardio / 30 Minutes / Treadmill
mix of power walks & runs….my legs were tired and I was just plain pooped from our trip & travel #HolidayHangover
I did a quick circuit, just one round before my 1pm client came in…
Flat Bench DB Press: 25x
Tricep Rope Pulldowns: 20x
Air Squats: 30x
Arnold Press: 20x

Saturday & Sunday / 2.4-2.5
Real Estate Class ALLLLL Day

Monday. 2.6.
After resting all weekend, I woke up this morning ready to go! With way too much coffee in my system, I headed to the gym before work with the plan to do a repeat of last Tuesday’s treadmill sesh! It wasn’t quite as long as last week, but I got in 4 miles in 45 minutes and my legs were pretty dead, to be honest!
First 2 miles, I did .25 mile incline walk on an 8 incline / .25 mile run at 6.5-7.0
I ran 2 miles and worked in some inclines just like I did on the cruise. 

If your like me and running just doesn’t come easily, but you have a desire to run, one of my best tips would be to simply start running! Set small goals, reach them, set some more & keep attaining from there! Consistency is key in making progress – just keep pushing, breathing, moving, sweating & believing in yourself & you will get there!

Have a great week, darlings! xx

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