Music Monday

Good Morning & Happy Monday 🙂
Just a quick post to share a few of the songs that I am absolutely loving right now. I’m a lover of ALL different sounds of music, really. It doesn’t matter what genre it happens to fall into, as long as I’m feeling it, I like it. I seriously can’t get enough of music – whether I’m working out, practicing yoga, putting on make-up….I always have music playing. I can literally spend hours searching for and listening to new music.

I just heard this first song last Thursday night in my yoga class. Its called Friend of Ours by Elbow. I took class from one of my favorite instructors, Amani Murray at Yoga Flex (recently changed their name to Enlighten Yoga) in Blakeney Shopping Center. She played this at the end of class as our Savasana song and I fell in love with it. You could play this to unwind after a long day. The instrumentals in this song are so beautiful and had me just melting into my mat…ahhh

I’m currently obsessed with this next song. I thought I was crazy for the first version and well, now there’s the second – Hide & Seek 2 by Imogen Heap. I’ve started my yoga class with this song for the last couple weeks and can’t get enough of it. I just love the sound of Imogen’s voice, its almost mesmerizing.

Another song that’s been on and off my yoga playlist for the last couple months is Matilda by Alt-J. This is just a good, chill song. I love Alt-J’s beats and voice…kinda effortlessly cool.

Hope you enjoy & I wish you great day!

Much love,


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