Music Monday – 80’s Throwback

Good Morning & Good Monday to everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and ready to make it a awesome week!
Decided to make today’s Music Monday a throwback to the 80’s. I heard my first song choice while I was waiting in line for my smoothie at The Juice Press in Soho over the weekend. I was totally being silly, singing along and it got my friend and I talking about 80’s music and it just reminded me of how much I love it… Its just feel good music!

So here we go…first we have We Belong To the Night by Pat Benatar. Oh yes, one of my all time fave songs!

Ohhh I love me some Linoel Richie! All Night Long – classic! Enjoy 🙂

Stuck With You – Huey Lewis & The News. Great song – so corny and I love it! haha

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