My First Garden

Its been about 2 weeks since I’ve potted my little tomato & pepper plants and already, they have added such a sweet & simple joy into my life. 

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses

— Hanna Rion

I just love this quote & couldn’t agree with these words more. There’s just something incredibly peaceful, therapeutic & refreshing about being outside, soaking up the sun, feeling the breeze on your skin & digging your hands in the dirt….

My boyfriend & I love our mornings together…lingering in the kitchen over coffee, music & green smoothies before I head out the door to work. We’ve been having these really beautiful, unseasonably cool & breezy spring/early summer mornings, that actually feel more like fall than summer (swoon!) where we open up the doors & windows to let the fresh air in and float in and out the door to our baby patio.  Since planting my tomatoes & peppers, these little plants have become a lovely addition to my morning routine. I take my cup of coffee outside with me to check on everybody, talk to them & tell them how much they are growing & water them for the day. I’m a nerd, I know! 

I’ve grown up around a garden. My parents have always kept a garden for as long as I can remember and some of my most beautiful garden memories are from visiting my family in Austria in the summers. My Oma & Opa always had this amazing garden in the back of the house with rows of different lettuces, tomatoes, string beans, peppers, and such…I totally loved when my Oma would send me out to pick a head of lettuce for our salad that she was making that day. Like it was my contribution to helping out with our meal… I’d wash it off and help her make the salad for our lunch that afternoon or evening. 

Aside from all this garden happiness, the taste & texture of a homegrown tomato is nothing you will ever find from a store bought tomato. OMG. They are just incredible! If your a tomato lover like me, I think you’d share my excitement! 

At some point, we will have a yard to put my babies in the ground but for now I couldn’t be happier with growing little potted plants right outside the door. I think its a good place to start! lol Here’s to hoping I have a Green Thumb & I’ll have a mini crop of homegrown tomatoes & peppers to enjoy, throw into my beloved salads & share with you all! 

Any tomato “farmers” out there!? I’ll gladly take pointers! xx

Much Love, 

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