Never. Give. Up.

Happy Monday lovelies. Hoping your day was fabulous!Kinda short & sweet Motivation Monday post this week. I had great day – all was good – work as usual, really, really fantastic workout and a last minute trip to NYC that came about at ohhhh about 3pm today! All I can say is thank goodness for frequent flyer miles – Sheesh!!
About today’s workout…so sorry but I’m gonna wait to post this until I get a good enough video to go along with it. It involves a ton of exercises and I definitely want to give you guys some tips to use!
Hint: it involves the StairMaster and a whole lotta booty action! I was all happy and excited to get a vid shot today and then boom – shut down! “Not enough space” I loathe this message. I pretty much just need to go ahead and buy another iPhone or whatever and dedicate it to all things Blog. Ya know…pictures of green smoothie, fitness vids and selfies. ha  My phone is completely overloaded with photos  (uhm, about 3000) and videos. Its to the point where I have delete pics before I can take new ones. ugh….so frustrating!

Never GIve Up Poem - Dalai Lama

I adore this poem… Google it, save it and read it often 😉 Never. Give. Up.

Monday Clean Eats

Strawberry + Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Yummy & super satisfying brek….
Oatmeal w/ PB & Strawberries | 2 Egg Whites (cooked in Coconut Oil)

Vanilla & Raw Cacao Protein Shake

Pre workout protein shake
2 scoops vanilla protein | cinnamon | 1 TBSN raw cacao powder
| splash coconut milk, water & ice

Banana Vanilla Green Smoothie

Vanilla Banana Green Shake

post workout shake
2 handfuls power greens | 2 scoops vanilla protein | banana | cinnamon
| 2 TBSN Hemp Seeds | splash van almond milk, Water & Ice

Seared Tuna & Broccoli

Seared Tuna | Steamed Broccoli So simple, but so good!

Enjoy your Monday evening. I’m going to rest up, pack and up early in the morning to catch my flight to NY.

much love, xx

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