New Orleans Weekend + Vlog No. 1

Hello loves!! Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend & your week is off to a healthy & productive start! I just returned from my second weekend visiting Adam in New Orleans & finally got all the vlog footage edited & put together from my first weekend out a few weeks ago!
I gotta say, this vlogging thing takes some getting used to! There is nothing normal, or not awkward about talking to a camera in public. My God do people stare… especially in New Orleans, where vlogging isn’t as much of a “thing” compared to a city like New York or LA where blogging/vlogging has become so huge!

Any way, Adam is in The Big Easy for about 6 months and we are only 6 weeks into this project. I will be going back & forth every 2-3 weeks for the duration of his stay in Nola. Since I have this brand new & super spiffy vlogging camera, I thought it would be fun to vlog my way thru these weekends, sharing all the fun & yummy places we check out!

My first time visiting Adam was actually my very first time in New Orleans, ever! Adam spent about 5 months in New Orleans while shooting a film about 4ish years ago and really loves the place! He was so excited for me to get out there & experience Nola and now I can totally see why! I’m falling in love with it more & more each time I go…there are so many cool & unique places to explore!

I hope you enjoy & thanks so much for watching! If there’s anything you’d like to see/for me to share, please let me know in the comments below!

5 miles down St. Charles & all around Audubon Park! This park is absolutely beautiful! The trees are just magnificent. Such a beautiful place for a walk, run or bike ride.

{ Apolline }

{ simple & super yummy meal at 1000 Figs }

{ lunch at peche }

{ giggles + squinty eyes at Bacchanal after one too many glasses of rosé } 😚

{ my eyes are probably closed } 😑

{ lunch at satsuma }

{ pool time snacks }

and back to Charlotte I go….

New vlog from this past weekend coming soon!! xx

Much Love,


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