Hello Loves! Happy Sunday & Happy 2016!! I hope your holiday season was full of all kindsa wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed my favorite time of year, but I’m happy to say bye-bye to all the holidays foods, drinks & sweets and SO looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule! I don’t know about you guys, but having back to back, 4 day weekends felt crazy and makes me feel lazy! lol

After making no plans in time to get out of town for New Years, Adam & I decided it would be nice to just stay in for NYE since there really isn’t any place in Charlotte that we felt the need to go out to. We had a few friends over and had such nice night in…super casual, just hanging in the kitchen, drinking wine & cooking with our friends. Adam’s good friend, Scott, is a wizard in the kitchen! He’s cooked for us a few times and its always such a fun night of food & friends!
Our NYE Menu looked like so…
Cauliflower Soup
Scallops over a Parsnip Puree with a Citrus Sauce
Pan Fried Duck Breast with a Cranberry, Pear Sauce + Roasted Endive, Baby Carrots & Beets
Amazing Chocolates & Wine!
We are so spoiled!! LOL

We started our night pretty early, around 630, prepping food & such, so by the time midnight rolled around, everyone was in a food & wine coma… (HAHA)
I gave my love a big New Year smooch & our friends left shortly after. 

Satsumas for the Citrus Sauce on top of our Scallop dish 

Our first course was the creamiest, yummiest cauliflower soup. I could have had a giant bowl of this and be done. 

Our Scallop Recipe came from the Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook

our amazing Scallops from Clean Catch over Parsnip Puree with a Citrus Sauce. Amaze

Duck Breast with a Cranberry, Pear Sauce + Roasted Endive & Baby Beets & Carrots. 

We made these super simple Pomegranate Cocktails, also out of the Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook 

New Years Day, we slept til 10ish, yoga at noon and came home to make a yummy Mimosa Brunch! I made Adam & I this delicious open faced omelette with shallots, asparagus, wilted arugula & goat cheese! YUM!

After a bit more cleaning up the kitchen & the house, we got ready to head over to my parents for a NY Dinner. 

Simple Arugula, Cucumber & Tomato Salad & Brasied Short Ribs with Collards & Roasted Potato

Hoping your New Year was beautiful & everything you wanted it to be! Best wishes for an incredible 2016. I wish you a year full of so much love, health, happiness & new adventures! Remember to keep a positive mind, an open heart and allow all the amazing possibilities that this year can bring to come into your life! xx

So Much Love, 

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