New Years Weekend in New Orleans

Happy New Year loves! Hope you had a super fun NYE and just an all around wonderful Holiday Season! Adam and I flew back to New Orleans together on Dec. 29 to ring in 2018 with our favorite people. Quick Catch Up: Adam is in Nola for several months filming a TV Show so I’ve been flying back and forth to visit + I had him home for both Thanksgiving & Christmas with our families.

As I start to write this post (January 2), I’m nursing an absolutely horrible hangover..I honestly cannot recall the last time I felt THIS poopy. Yikes. We had celebrating New Years Weekend and I think we actually had even more fun on New Years Day than we did on NYE. {haha}
Adam is blessed to work with some of the greatest guys and all the girlfriends are becoming closer friends as we continue to plan to be here visiting on the same weekends with our men! We wrapped up an oyster & martini filled New Years Day Dinner going around the table just saying how thankful we are for these wonderful friendships we have with each other.

A quick recap of our New Years Weekend :
Adam & I flew into New Orleans around 8pm on Friday evening, grabbed some food at a {new to us} spot called Bar Frances and called it an early night.

Saturday, December 30, 2017
Adam and I did a really great 5 mile walk down St. Charles, around Audubon Park, stopped into Le’s Baguette for some Pho and back home to chill out for a few hours. We had plans to eat dinner at 1000 Figs Saturday night, drove all the way there and they were CLOSED!  meh, this was SUCH a disappointment you guys!! We all LOVE 1000 Figs. If your ever in Nola, you need to eat here —  you will LOVE!
We winded up at an Italian place called Avo that was nothing to write home about.

New Years Eve.
New Years Eve started with a hot & sweaty 75 min yoga clas at Free To Be Yoga followed by oysters, (more) Pho and mimosas at St. Roche Market! Such a fun spot. After lunch, we made a stop into a couple boutiques on Magazine Street so I could find a top to go with my pleated metallic skirt that I brought to wear for my NYE Outfit. I brought this ruffle blouse that I shared in this outfit post with me, but last minute decided I’d rather go with a black & silver combo! This is actually the first ‘choker cut out’ top I’ve purchased. This style top is so on trend right now, but for whatever reason I haven’t jumped on the train until now and of course I wish I did sooner – so chic & sexy.

NYE Dinner was at a place called Root. Another….you guessed it, cool spot! {haha} Downstairs is actually called Square Root and upstairs, Root, has a really neat bar/lounge area and a private room {where we ate} + a kitchen that I believe they do cooking classes in. We ate and drank the night away to the tune of 3.30am. yikes.

New Years Day.
Some serious sleep in’s were in order — woof. We had on New Years Day. The 7 of us froze our faces off for a 3 mile, 30° stroll back to Audubon Park. An hour later, our frozen bones needed some soup & wine! {ha} We headed back to Le’s Baguette for Pho and then across the street to French Truck Coffee. We headed back to the house, made hot toddies, and, Adam & Dave jumped in the pool {hello polar bear club}! A handful of us decided we needed oysters so we headed over to Superior Seafood where we managed to slurp down 4 dozen oysters – mmmm, so good. The party continued back at the house where we all consumed far too much Bubbly!

Tuesday, January 2.
Enter the worst hangover ever! OMG. I basically stayed in the house all day until I ran down to Magazine Street for some soup & French fries at Tal’s Hummus. {another good spot}. Adam worked all day, which wasn’t exactly how I imagined my last day in New Orleans…

Thank you so much for stopping by! What did you do for New Years? Go all out or kept things low-key? Please share in the comments below!

Happy 2018!

PS: I am so late in posting this New Years Blog – it has been finished & sitting in the queue since Jan. 5. Work has been so busy, I didn’t have time to finish editing the Vlog portion and I wanted to share everything together! Thanks again for reading/watching! xx


Some snaps from the weekend!

the houses all along St. Charles are major #HouseGoals If your into houses & architecture you’ll love strolling and taking in all the amazing properties

after 5 miles, we definitely walked up an appetite! We popped in for some Pho @ Le’s Baguette

Lunch at St. Roche Market on New Years Eve
oysters + mimosas

all dolled up for NYE

New Years Day Stroll to Audubon Park.
Elizabeth flew with her and Matt’s dog, Molly Girl. So we took her to the park to play some ball

so delicious almond milk latte at French Truck Coffee

martinis & oysters @ Superior Seafood
how funny is this underwater filter on Instastories!?

some “healthy grease” at Tal’s Hummus was just what the Hangover Doctor ordered.
This vegetable soup was simply delicious. Potato Wedges + Hummus #YUM

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