NYC Weekend: Part 1

NYC Weekend

Quite possibly the most low key NYC weekend ever and totally loved it. Spent tons of time with my BFF just catching up and chillin out. Landed in the city on Friday night a little later than scheduled due to air traffic at LGA (pretty standard), hopped in a taxi to the village and within 30 minutes we were at the market buying chips & salsa, wine & all the goodies to cook up some chili. Real wild NYC Friday night, I know.

Magazine Love

In flight reading material!
My magazine loves…Elle & Harper’s Bazaar.

In flight snack

Healthy snacks for the flight.
Fruit & Gluten Free Rice Protein Bar. Decent for a bar…I’m not a big advocate of bars but I was starving and this is better than other airport options.


Arrived at LGA!
So proud I still squeezed myself into a carry on even with my cold weather clothes. I hate checking bags.

Louis Latour

Nice bottle of French Pinot Noir –  Louis Latour.


Yummy Chili. Perfect comfort food for the “Chili” weather. ha

Saturday In The City…

Greenwich Village

Saturday wasn’t too cold & still enjoyable to walk around the city. So happy I made it up in time to still enjoy some fall weather and beautiful trees…

Oatmeals NY

Oatmeals NY

First things first…Oatmeals!
Coffee & Oatmeal w/ Peanut Butter, Banana & Blueberries. This is my home away from home when in the city.

New Balance Kicks

Popped into Urban Outfitters and found these cool NB. I’ve been looking for some neat black kicks and totally love these! Got them for 30% off, too! yayye

Sweet Green NoMad

Sweet Green NoMad

Delicious lunch at Sweet Green. Massive Custom Kale Salad and side of cozy Lentil soup.

Sweet Green

Silly selfie in the mirror in the bathroom at Sweet Green…you can see in the background, “You Look Fine”

After lunch, we found a nice nail salon in Gramercy for some pampering…M/P and a “10 minute for 15 dalla” chair massage. In the mood for some wine and apps after our mani/pedi’s and stumbled upon this adorable little Italian Place, La Follia.

La Follia, Gramercy, NYC

Delicious bottle of Montepulciano, Meatballs & Beets. Yum!

LS & Kase, La Follia

From here we decided Le Bain at the top of The Standard was a good idea. Ran up to the rooftop to see the view that just NEVER gets old and then right back inside to get some champagne & warm up!

Empure State Building

Helllllooo ESB!

Annnnd from Le Bain, we made the cardinal sin of going home to change and swore we would not get tired and wind up staying in. Took a shower, started to get ready and well…daytime drinkies made hittin’ the sheets our next best idea. Like I said, the most low key NYC weekend…

Will be posting Sunday sometime tomorrow. I’m off to the gym to get a workout in!

Much Love,


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