omelette inspiration.

A little omelette inspiration for you guys this morning…Omelettes are one of my favorite meals. I’ll eat them any day, anytime — brek, lunch or din — perfect combo of protein & veggies. Delicious, clean eats. Noms.

Helpful Tips:
1) Eggs: I used 2 whites, 1 whole
2) Turn on the broiler & make sure the rack is all the way at the top.
3) Peppers & Spinach in the pan first. (with olive oil)  Only a couple minutes, then pour in your eggs. A little pushing things around with the spatula, pull up the edges a bit & let the eggs cook almost all the way thru.
4) Turn off the burner. Sprinkle your Goat Cheese & Pepitas on top (staying towards the middle of your omelette)
5) Pop pan under the broiler, let goat cheese get all melty, peptias roast and voilà.
6) Enjoy! Eat your omelette open faced or fold it in half as I did.

Mangia! xo


Omelette Inspiration - Omelette Ingredients

Organic Baby Spinach | Roasted Red Peppers | Avocado | Herbed Goat Cheese | Raw Pepitas

breakfast - omelette

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