on-the-go: Clean Eating

Meal Planning is a pretty important part of my lifestyle for 2 reasons:

1) Know Your Food. 
There’s no better way to know what your getting & what’s IN your food than to prepare your meals & snacks at home. For me, true clean eating comes out of my kitchen. I feel my best – healthiest, lean, good digestion, energetic – when eating meals prepares by moi. 🙂 No matter how healthy you try to order when eating out, it simply isn’t the same as eating at home. 
2) Money Saver.
There are many days where I am out of the house from AM to PM, traveling between clients, yoga studio, pilates studio and everything in between….if I didn’t plan, this would leave me eating every meal out which adds up pretty quickly. 

A melange of clean snacks that get me thru those busy, on the go days.

Hope this helps with some clean eating inspiration! xx

this single serving goat yogurt is perfect to take along. 

celery + hummus & cayenne pepper for a little metabolism booster

1/2 overnight chia pudding & goat yogurt + raw cacao nibs | carrots + pepper
| green smoothie to go on a busy morning 

over night chia pudding in my adorable mini mason jar + the obvious lol

goat yogurt + cinnamon + chia seeds 
I mixed the chia seeds in after I took the pic 

more chia pudding | goat yogurt + ground flaxseed + cinnamon & a few frozen mango chunks 

the cutest baby heirloom tomatoes + hummus & cayenne pepper | more homemade trail mix | leftover pork tenderloin | celery sticks

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