One Month Until Spring 2015

TGIF, loves! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and staying warm wherever you are. The terribly cold, bitter, winter weather seems to be quite the topic of conversation all over. Record breaking cold all over the country, including here in CLT — 5 degrees, whaat!? has me dreaming of Spring & warmer weather like you don’t even know!
Its been so miserably cold all week I pretty much just stay bundled up — layers on top of layers — all day, whether I’m inside or out. 

winter weather woes.
– my clients get a good laugh when I train them in my jacket, as if we were outside 
– terrible circulation + the BP of a dead person, my hands & feet are constantly frozen, and sometimes they like to go numb. awesome. 
– getting into my freezing cold car. I had one of my gf’s rolling one night complaining about not having remote start + heated steering wheel in my new car, like I had in my old one. #firstworldproblems
– Dear Bronzer, I heart you. You bring life back to my pale face with just a couple swipes of powder
– super dry skin, especially my hands considering I touch sweaty ppl all day + a germaphobe & wash my hands like crazy, I can’t keep cream on my hands. I currently have this really amazing split right in the middle of my right thumb purely from my skin being so dry. ouch. 
– walking out of the gym or yoga studio, super sweaty, into the freezing cold 
– lack of motivation to workout (that doesn’t mean I don’t tho ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
– getting out of the nice & warm, snuggly bed that contains my own personal heater…my boyfriend. haha
– short & cold, rainy, gray, days (especially several in a row) really do a number on my self-diagnosed Seasonal Disorder
– feeling cold in the house! ugh my boyfriend & I kept turning up the heat the other night but just couldn’t get warm. We were laughing so hard bc we seriously did not want to take our clothes off to get ready for bed.

layers + layers + layers ….and I’m still cold. 

Its about this time every year, that Winter really starts to get the best of me. I seriously hate it & I’m pretty sure my body rejects Winter in every way possible. The elements of the season simply don’t mix with my natural disposition. But, you know I can’t be all negative here and that’s enough complaining…lol

There is light at the end of the wintery tunnel! You guys, today is Feb 20th and March 20th is officially the first day of Spring!!! I could not be more excited about this and I’m gonna go ahead and get my Spring Countdown started! Weeee ๐Ÿ™‚ As much as I hate to say it, Winter really does make us appreciate Spring & all of it beauty so much more. I am so looking forward to warmer, longer, sunny days & the reawakening of the Earth! And myself! ha One of my favorite things to do is drive around some of Charlotte’s oldest streets & neighborhoods as Spring starts to bloom. Thank goodness I don’t have allergies, otherwise I don’t think I’d enjoy this as much! lol

Despite the forecast, live like itโ€™s spring.

— Lilly Pulitzer

Wise words from Lilly P., although I’m not a fan of her clothes – what a sweet & simple quote, right!? With just 4 weeks of Winter to go, now is a wonderful time to start shifting your mindset & perhaps set some goals for Spring – The Season of New Beginnings. Try to break the habits that winter has instilled, starting to incorporate healthy “Spring-like” habits into your day to day & look ahead to this beautiful season & all that it brings!

– longer days + more sunlight = elevated Vitamin D levels
– new found motivation to workout & set new fitness goals (bikini weather will be here before you know it!)
– cravings for lighter, healthier foods rather than heavy, fattening, sugary winter cravings
– warmer weather naturally gets you moving & gets you outside 
– more energy & happier moods

Winter Weight…we all seem to find it, every damn year. Get a head start on that Summer body and start to slowly phase out those heavy winter habits for light & fit Spring ones! 
Been eating oatmeal every morning?? Start drinking a green smoothie in place at least 2-3x a week. Remember your lemon water & be sure to eat lots of dark leafy greens, beautiful, vibrant veggies & lean proteins. 

What are you most looking forward to this Spring Season!? xx

Much Love, 

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