Our First Tree

Hi Hi & Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Loves! Hoping your having a wonderful Christmas week, all your shopping is done and your ready to relax & enjoy the long, Holiday weekend with your nearest & dearest!
This years Christmas Season has just been so fun & happy with my family & having Adam home has been amazing! Last year was actually our first Christmas together, but we didn’t get a chance to really enjoy Christmastime and we didn’t even get to put up a tree!! meh 🙁 
Rewinding a year….my family & I just returned from Austria just days before Thanksgiving and the next week after, Adam was off to Alaska to work/shoot a reality show and he got back just days before Christmas. So with all the being said, this year has been nothing short of wonderful, picking out our tree together, picking out our ornaments & decorating our sweet tree! We’ve been staying in a little more than usual, enjoying our nights cooking, drinking wine, listening to music & basically just enjoying life. 
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Much Love & Happy Christmas!! xx

Love this ornament I had made last year in Battenberg, Austria and was so happy to hang it on the tree this year!

how cute is this Minnie & Mickey ornamanet!? My mom got this for us while in Disney last month with my sister & the kids! 

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