Outdoor Workout // 10.27.14

Hello, My Friends! Hope everyone had an amazing Monday. 
Just another absolutely gorgeous fall day here in CLT…80 degrees at the end of October. Whaaaa!? 
Already feeling so pale + being the sun worshipper that I am, all I wanted to do was take advantage of this amazing weather we’re having AND start my week with a really good workout after feeling under the weather last week! 

So I decided to head out in some shorts + sports bra, soak up some Vitamin D and get in a good sweat! I have to admit, I had no plan as I walked out my front door, I just started power walking down the side walk as a Warm Up which turned into a lateral shuffle until I came to this cute little area in my neighborhood that has 2 benches which honestly is all you need + a little creativity to get in a killer workout! 

As best as I can explain this workout, here is a summary of what I did, all in just over 30 minutes.

Proper Warm Up:
– 5 minutes power walk + Lateral Shuffle (30 seconds in each direction)
– Laid down on bench: 20 reps glute/ham raises + 10 reps, single leg glute/ham raise
– Standing/Balancing: 30 reps total: 10 front leg lifts, 10 Side leg Lifts, 10 Back leg lifts/kicks

4 rounds of everything:
Step Ups: 30 seconds each leg
* push up thru the heel of the working leg, making sure to bring your hip all the way thru and fire into your glute
Push Ups: 30 seconds
* super wide hand placement
Jumping Lunges: 20 seconds
* explode out of your heel, land as softly & controlled as possible as you sink back into your lunge position
Tricep Push Ups: 10 reps
* narrow hand placement, hug your elbows to your sides to activate your triceps
Lateral Jumps: 60 seconds
* Try your best to land unilaterally on your outside leg, sinking back into a single leg squat position and exploding back out of that outside leg, pushing thru the heel and landing on the other side. 

There’s a loop & trail thru my neighborhood that I ran which took about 15 minutes so I added in some easy intervals to wrap up this workout:
– 2 minute jog/30 second walk until I got back to my house. 

And done! Yay. All while being outdoors + getting some sun! #happiness

Here’s a little hyper lapse video of some of this workout to go along with the above! xxx
Enter PW: LSOctoberOutdoorWO to watch video 🙂

iCloud4G.mp4 from Lauren Schwaiger on Vimeo.

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  1. October 28, 2014 / 1:01 pm

    Omg! Quit being so hot! 👯

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