Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Yellow Onion & Rosemary

hi hi, loves!
Hoping your week is fun, active & fabulous! The weather sucks again here in CLT…cold & rainy, per usual, as of late. But for once, I actually don’t mind because after 2 weeks of work travel, my love is back home with me & nothing can rain on my parade…not even the rain! haha #nerd
After nearly 48 hours of travel to make it back home, the plan was to stay in & cook a wonderful meal so my babe could get settled in & just relax.

As a welcome home dinner, I made, a yummy & healthy (of course!) dinner of baked chicken, a chunky greek salad + these amaaaazing oven-roasted brussels sprouts  with a sweet, yellow onion accompanied by the lovely Lady Rosemary. 🙂 
Brussels Sprouts are one of my fave veggies, roasted, especially, and these little cabbages couldn’t be simpler to make!

– brussels sprouts. 1 pound. ends cut off
– 1 large yellow onion. peeled, cut in 1/2 & then into about 1 in. chunks (about 4 cuts on each half)
– rosemary. 3 sprigs
– EVOO. 2-3 tablespoons 
– pink salt & pepper. to taste
– red pepper flakes. to taste

preheat oven to 400 degrees, using center rack. Pop your pan of brussels into the oven, roasting for 35-40 minutes. Periodically giving your brussels a little look-see + a few shakes/stirs to make sure everyone is happy & roasting evenly. And voilà, your brussels sprouts are ready to eat & enjoy! 

What are you favorite veggies!? Please do share! xx

Much Love, 

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