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Year after year, winter rolls around and I get to deal with the joy of my already dry skin feeling even more dry and parched with the cold & dry winter weather. Since the weather in Charlotte has turned miserably cold in the last couple of weeks, my skin has almost immediately started to change and crave extra moisture and hydration. My hands & face feel like they are going to literally crack off sometimes!

Palestra Skin & Body Enter… Palestra. For an hour & a half, this bed right here is nothing short of pure bliss. In my opinion, the ultimate treat & indulgence for your skin & senses.

I totally got lucky last Friday when they had a cancellation and got in last minute for a good cleansing, exfoliation & ultra hydrating facial. I think I’ve come to enjoy a facial even more than a full body massage – especially here!  If you’ve never been to Palestra, to say that you are missing would be a serious understatement! I started going to Palestra about 3 years ago and will not trust my skin and face to anyone else here in Charlotte. I booked my very first appointment with Hanneke and the rest is history. Just like any other personal appointment/service, (hairdresser, personal trainer, massage therapist) its a good idea to find someone you like and stick with them so they are able to get to know you. In this case, and for me personally, Hanneke knows my skin – what products my skin is sensitive and/or reactive to and what works best for my face to leave my skin absolutely glowing! Somewhat of a skin care product slut – the ultimate consumer – (I always think everything sounds SO amazing and just HAVE to have it)  I’ve had a bad reaction to products in the past, booked an appointment with Hanneke and she was able to calm my skin down right away. I’ve since learned my lesson and stick to a pretty basic skin care routine.

Skin Care

Over the last few years, I’ve learned that the simpler my skin care routine is, the better. I have a winning combination of dry + sensitive skin. (lucky me) These are a few skin care rock stars that never let me down. I rotate through certain products depending on the time of year. Right now, I’m using a heavier night time moisturizer from Dermalogica, to get me thru the winter.

Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream


Dr. Hauschka – Quince Day Cream: My go-to daytime moisturizer. I adore this skin care line and have been using Dr. Hauschka products for years. I’m in love with the smell of all of their products, which are all derived from plant botanicals.

Dermalogica Daily Micro Exfoliant








Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant: Another one of my skin care faves. I’ve been using this exfoliant for a good 3 years. It is so gentle (they even say you can use it daily). However, I typically use this 1x per week, and very rarely 2x if I’m in need of some extra polishing. The little travel size is perfect to take with if you’ll be traveling longer than 3-4 days.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance
Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance: Cannot tell you enough how amazing this cream feels — my face drinks this up! Made the switch just a couple weeks ago and will be using this all winter long. Super hydrating, sinks right in and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Turn Down The Heat! Or better yet, off. I know its tempting to crank up the heat in the house and in your car when your freezing your buns off, but this is so terrible and drying to your skin! Throw on some extra clothes and try to stay warm without blasting the heat. Personally, I try to not sleep with the heat too high at night. Aside from it sucking the life out of your skin, how does anyone get a good nights sleep when its all hot & stuffy!? ughh! I sleep much better in cooler temps. As far as the car goes, I turn on the heat just enough to warm up the car and then turn it off and just make due with my butt warmer 🙂
Take Cooler Showers. Again, super tempting to take a extra hot shower but this is another HUGE No No. Take a warm shower and your skin will thank you.
More Water Please. This is actually a skin care myth – drinking more water does not contribute to your skin looking & feeling more hydrated. BUT, it is just plain good for you. Staying hydrated is just as important in the winter months as it is during the summer — so drink up! 😉
– Moisturize.Find a heavier moisturizer to get you thru the winter. Chances are, what works for you during the summer isn’t going to deliver the same hydration as what you were using all summer.

What are you doing to take care of your skin this winter?

Much Love,

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