Park City Photo Diary | No. 2

Hello loves. Ahhh….after a 14 hour travel day, flight delays and a missed connection, I am finally back home from visit #2 in Park City with my boo! Leaving yesterday morning was…. super tough, you guys. I felt such an emptiness in my heart as I pulled away from Adam.. I think leaving A after this visit was harder than usual because we don’t have a game plan for my next trip out to see him. I made the decision to go on a birthday trip for one of my best girlfriends next week which equals extra time away from my love. Obviously, every time I go out of town, I’m taking time off work, and that becomes stressful financially. A girls gotta work, right!?

Soo… I spent an extended weekend – got in very late Thursday night & left super early Tuesday morning – with Adam and cherished every moment we had together! Completely opposite from what we had planned, which was Adam having the entire weekend off, an email for a Saturday scout came in late Friday night + a bit of work and a meeting popped up on Sunday, too. Ugh…

So, as I said, every moment together was special and valued!

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you missed Park City Photo Diary No. 1, click the link to check it out! Hope everyones week is off to a wonderful start!


so Friday….I spent most of the day with altitude sickness. WHAT!? I’m usually not effected by  altitude, at all, but I think I was still getting over being sick and I was still feeling a bit congested & run down so I just didn’t feel well all together. I slept til about 9am, made some breakfast, laid out in the sun, made a smoothie, did some work and then took the drive up to Deer Valley, to visit Adam on set. Filming wrapped for the day/week, around 7pm, Adam and I rode back home together and then we (Adam + me & the camera boys) all went to a late dinner together at @ Handle just off Main St.

most of Saturday, 10am > almost 4pm, was consumed with location / tech scouting. Of course it would have been nice to have the day to just do… us, but ultimately, spending time with Adam is what I’m there for, so if that means scouting, I’m up for it! Besides, driving all over Utah isn’t too shabby — I’m still amazed at how gorgeous it is!

the last location of the day was to check at this amazing Red Barn! There will be a fun scene filmed here!

once we got back into town, we popped in to High West for a salad & a cocktail…

Saturday night, we all decided to stay in and cook a yummy dinner at home. A and me went to Whole Foods to pick up our goodies…we cooked filets, pan roasted asparagus & a giant salad.

Sunday was sleep ins, that yummy brekkie you see above, smoothies @ Atticus Coffee & Teahouse + a killlller workout and then we had to head back out to a location to go over a couple things with one of the guys that couldn’t attend the scout on Saturday.

Monday, I was solo all day. Adam left the house at 6am and got home at nearly 8pm. I did some more exploring all over town / Main. St, took loads of photos for a couple blog ideas on Park City and then headed out for a bike ride which turned into 2 hours & 20 miles along the Union Pacific Rail Trail. I did not have any intentions of riding that long or that far, but it was golden hour, I was surrounded by all the beauty of Utah and, as I always tend to do, I go and go and go, not thinking about having to go back! LOL I got back to the house filthy & dusty (the trail is dirt & rocks) and immediately made ice packs to ice my knees & quads. Adam got in, we chilled out, watched TV and ate left overs from Sunday nights dinner.

brekkie was avocado toast + a fried egg on Udi’s Millet-Chia with blueberries and the most delicious & juicy peach!

Tuesday morning, I was up at 6am, on the shuttle from PC > SLC at 7am only to sit and wait, and wait some more…  my flight was delayed over an hour. Oh well, all that matters is I made it home from another trip, safely!

Thanks so much for tuning in! xx

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