Pear & Pomegranate Christmas Salad

Hello Loves! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your family & loved ones! Adam & I  had a beautiful Christmas Eve with my parents in Charlotte and then we were off to Raleigh to spend Christmas Day and the rest of the weekend + his mom’s birthday here with his family. 
As a part of our Christmas Eve meal, I put together this super simply, beautiful & delicious Pear & Pomegranate Salad that just screams Christmas! 🙂

Leading up to the holiday, I knew I wanted to make a “Christmas Salad”, it was just a matter of choosing my ingredients. I played around with the idea of using apples or an orange, but in the end, the Pear won! (haha)

Pear & Pomegranate Christmas Salad 

Organic Arugula
1 Organic Pear
Raw, Unsalted Pistachios
Goat Cheese (I used Goat Lady Dairy)

Olive Oil
Black Salt & Pepper
1/2 Juice of 1 Organic Lemon

This salad couldn’t be easier to make, is so tasty & makes for a beauty of a plate from Christmastime or anytime, really. Simply follow the steps below to create a Christmas Salad of your own! 
1. create a generous bed of arugula on your platter
2. lightly layer thin slices of your pear on top of arugula
3. sprinkle your pomegranate seeds all about your salad
4. add your pistachios
5. Goat Cheese, next

Dressing is simply salt & pepper (we use black salt regularly) to taste, 1/2 juice of lemon & about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Just a little reminder to time the slicing of your pear so you don’t wind up with a browned pear on your salad when you serve it to your guests! xx

Much Love, 

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