Pilates Love: ABsolute Pilates

Over the last several months, I have no doubt fallen in love with Pilates. So much so, that I committed to Pilates teacher training to earn my Pilates Reformer Certification at one of Charlotte’s top studios, ABsolute Pilates, so I can add this balanced & functional method of movement to both my training as well as my clients.

A bit passé, considering some of the current fitness trends, but over the course of the last 12-18 months, I’ve really begun to rethink & change my approach to fitness. With that being said, I am treating my body with a lot more love, gentleness and more concerned with overall wellness & longevity. My own workouts have changed quite a bit as well as my style of training with my clients. We are all loving it and reaping the benefits of more balanced body that is performing more efficiently.

Why I’ve fallen in love with Pilates….

Balanced, Functional, Smart Movement.
Pilates has and is continuing to retrain my body how to.. Move. Working to create new firing patterns & restore muscle balance throughout my body. Due to daily habits – sitting, standing, driving, flying, toting bags & kids, etc… Naturally, imbalances are created in all of us. Some muscles become deconditioned & inhibited while others are stronger and “take over” when they shouldn’t.
Pilates, works to correct these imbalances, creating a stronger, well balanced & stable support system, so to speak, as a proper Pilates sessions works the body in all planes of motion.

Long & Lean.
As a result of my body working more efficiently this has naturally increased my performance, which means I’m getting more out my workouts. I’m noticing shape, tone & definition in places I’ve never seen before!! Particularly in my abs, legs & booty. uhmm…heck yeah! When done correctly, Pilates really does sculpt your body like no other.

Why ABsolute Pilates? 
On my first visit to meet Monica Hoekstra, the owner of Absolute as well as the founder & creator of CORE BARRE & Core Systems of SMART MOVEMENT, I instantly felt a connection to her warm & welcoming personality, the studio itself, plus a great deal of respect & admiration for her experience & extensive knowledge in the industry. We talked for over an hour and I decided right then & there that I’d be take the upcoming reformer training.

If you’ve been thinking about giving Pilates a try, I highly recommend adding this beautiful, mindful method of movement to your life. I simply started by taking Mat classes at my local YMCA and slowly worked my way into the reformer at ABsolute Pilates. Both are incredible, effective workouts that I truly have fallen in love with in so many ways and for so many reasons! And I’m pretty sure you will, too!

Much Love,


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