Pilates Training: Weekend I

Hello lovelies. Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was incredibly enlightening, fun & exhausting all at once. I spent the last 4 days in training to obtain my Pilates Reformer certification.
After wanting this for so long, I’m so happy that I’ve finally made the commitment to earn this certification + learn & add the Pilates methods & principles not only to my life & training, but to my clients’ as well. 

Timing is everything and it always amazes me how the pieces of life just seem to have a way of falling into place. With that being said, I believe there just couldn’t be a better time or place for me to be getting this certification. Trying to make a long story short….
Traveling often to NYC, about a year ago, I discovered an amazing Pilates studio, Pilates on 5th. Once I learned about the studio, their certification AND the powerhouse women behind it, I made a decision that when I got my cert, it would be thru this studio. 
Fast forward to about 4 weeks ago, I was introduced to Monica Hoekstra, the owner of Absolute Pilates, here in CLT.
1) I instantly fell in love with Monica — her energy + her extensive knowledge & career in the world of fitness & movement.
2) An OMG-this-is-meant-to-be moment, Absolute Pilates dropped their affiliation with Stott Pilates & is affiliated with Pilates on 5th. whaaa? Yes! Basically, its as if I flew to New York to train there. eeeek!

I have gained so much knowledge throughout these 4 days and have had the pleasure of meeting & getting to know 4 incredible women. 3 in training with me + our instructor. To make this whole training even more fabulous…we have Pauline, a Parisian ballet dancer in training with us. She’s so lovely & I’m obsessed with her amazing French accent.  haha
I cannot wait until our second training session, next weekend! 

Sharing a few photos from my weekend at the studio! xx

Juuust hangin’ around 🙂
After about 5 hours of moving through exercises on the reformer a few of us started to feel a little tight in our lumbar spine. 
Hanging out in these fuzzy cuffs on The Cadillac helped to create space & stretch us out.

Pauline, myself & Kathleen, taking a load off 🙂

total sleepy head, Sunday morning…
I slept a little longer, coffee and took a smoothie to go. 


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