Pleated Silver Skirt + Black Cutout Top

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Hope your having a great week! How are you celebrating this Day of Love!? I am actually solo today – I just got back home from visiting Adam in New Orleans yesterday afternoon and we celebrated on Sunday night with some little gifts & dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants, Shaya.

However your celebrating today, I hope you remember that the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself! I think its really easy to get down on this particular day if you don’t find yourself in a relationship and having someone special to celebrate with. If you happen to be feeling a little down in the dumps today, I encourage you to turn any negative thoughts into positive ones and focus on all things good in your life! I shared this post last week with some Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. There’s a few things that are just perfect for showing yourself some self-love/self-care!

A few things that always lift my mood when I find myself having a down day…
– buy yourself some flowers. Lately I’ve been in the habit of buying a bouquet of flowers for downstairs and upstairs and setting them on the nightstand. It makes me happy to see them when I wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night and any time I walk in & out of the bedroom during the day. Trader Joe’s has the best flowers & for cheap!
workout or take a yoga class. moving your body & breaking a sweat is a guaranteed mode booster! Show your body some love and in turn your heart & mind will feel more calm, happy & light.
take a tub. draw a bath, light some candles, listen to some music & just…be. I suggest removing the phone from tub time. Uhm, scrolling thru social media and comparing yourself to others (we all do it) is not the idea here. Your supposed to be making yourself feel better. If your using your phone as your music source, turn up the volume and set the phone somewhere you can’t reach it. I connect via our Bluetooth Speaker.
when all else fails… 🍷🍫 have a glass of wine & some really good, dark chocolate w/ sea salt! 😉

So about this outfit! I shared this Pleated Silver Skirt back in December with a more feminine blouse! Both from Kate Spade! I wore this exact outfit for NYE in Nola and loved pairing these black ankle booties + black cutout top with this skirt for a sexy yet classy OOTN. Instead of my Chanel Clutch, I borrowed an Swarovski Crystal encrusted clutch from my mom, so fancy it up a bit more! Sharing a few photos with the sparkly clutch below!

So, this is the very first cutout top I’ve bought and I love it! I purchased it from a super cute boutique on Magazine Street in New Orleans called Elle Boutique. Not sure why it took me so long to try out this particular style top, but now I love it! I’ve linked a few I’m loving below. My silver metallic pleated skirt from Kate Spade is on sale – finally!! But only left in a few sizes, so I’m sharing some other options below!

Thanks so much for stopping in & Happy Love Day! xx

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