Random Snaps // No. 1

G’Morning & Happy Hump Day!
Sharing some random snaps of the day to day…
 stuff I’m eating, using & just loving in general – anything from coffee, healthy brekkies, smoothies, style and such —  I take so many pics of well, everything! but some stuff doesn’t make into posts for whatever reason. So, I’m starting this fun “Random Snaps” series, hoping they lend a bit of inspiration, perhaps introduce you to a new product and just give a little more insight into my daily life…
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
I’m off to RVA to see my love tomorrow & could not be more excited to see him!! Have a great day!! xx

Much Love, 

Banana + Blueberry & Almonds Oatmeal
Just 1/2 cup dry oats, cooking in 1.5 cups of water til the oats turn super soft. I add a splash of Almond Milk in the end, then top off with fruit & almonds. 
I was really craving this bowl of oats & carbs after an intense full body workout the evening before + it was a rainy morning & I was just in the mood for something warm & cozy. 

Popped into Juice Bar driving between clients & tried this Cacao Banana Smoothie. I totally sucked it down in just a few minutes. so yum!!
CLT readers, if you missed my Juice Bar post, you can check it out here

totally loving some Larry’s Coffee over the last couple months.
These are some good beans… 

I was pretty excited to see WATRMLN WTR on the shelf when I walked into Earth Fare, après hot yoga, a couple weeks ago. I’ve been seeing this fun company on Instagram for a while now and was pretty pumped to get my hands on a bottle & try out their watermelon juice. 
Watermelon, loaded with electrolytes, is another Ahhhmazing way to rehydrate after a good sweat! Eat it up or blend it up — either way just get. it. in. 😉  

Last Sunday, Austrian Family Dinner. Its been a busy summer and over a month since we all got together with my sister and the kids.
My dad made the yummiest Austrian feast of Schnitzels von Schwein (pork), his amazing Potato salad that is just like my Oma’s + a super garlicky Ceasar Salad!

Lunch of turkey burger leftovers + simple green salad in my underwear. haha 
It was so hot outside this day, I came home after clients + a workout and immeditately took my pants off & made lunch! lol 

organic berries + raw, mixed nuts in vanilla almond milk

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