Random Snaps // No. 3

Hey hey & a few days late, but Happy Fall!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Catching up on a bit of life lately & some random snaps of what I’ve been eating/drinking/doing over here. 
Catching up on life…Adam has officially been gone for 2 months now — 2 months & 5 days to be exact — and we have 2 more to go. If your just tuning in, you can get caught up here, here & here. Typically, this would be an RVA weekend, since we’ve been doing the every other weekend thing, but, next weekend is my birthday so we decided to push it out so we could be together for my birthday weekend. The fact that he left in the summer and it is now fall hit me pretty hard just a few days ago, on the first day of Autumn. Its kinda crazy to think we’ve been apart all this time. We’ve done really (really) well seeing each other a lot over these first 2 months, while Loving was in preproduction…he came home once, I’ve flown up 3x + we had our fun Labor weekend in NYC for my best friends wedding. Now, filming has officially started which means my babes schedule is nuts! I honestly can’t even fathom the insane shoot days that the whole crew has to put in. Its not normal. Meanwhile, I’ve just been keeping busy here in CLT. Between personal training, teaching yoga & the blog I’ve been working a ton & spending lotsa time with my best friends & family.

Hope everyone had an amazing summer! I can’t believe its over & here’s to an incredible fall season! xx

Much Love, 

the best day ever with my nephew. We went to Carowinds last Sunday, rode rollercoasters & screamed our faces off for 6 hours! You can see more of our fun day, here! 

first time on my mat in about 3 weeks. I needed this practice so bad… I had been feeling so blocked — physically, energetically & emotionally — I wrote on my Instagram that it always amazes me how within just one practice, I instantaneously feel better in every way possible.

Vietnamese Pho @ Luna’s. First time ordering this, and wondering why I’ve never ordered it until now? lol 

the first time I’ve done a proper Sunday Funday in a really (really) long time and it was so.much.fun  Sometimes you just gotta act silly and drink mimosas with your best girls. And just like that…all is right in (your) world 😉 

Chilled Soba Noodle Salad @ Nikko Sushi. First time I’ve been to Nikko in so long & the first time I’ve ever had this salad. New fave, no doubt! 

totally loving this Vega Vanilla Protein Powder. its honestly the best plant based protein powder I’ve found, especially in regards to texture. I digg it. 🙂

Ahi Tuna Poke @ Sushi Guru.
Super fun get together with a fellow charlotte blogger that found me online. It was so great to meet another blogger here in town, chat it up & share our blogger stories & experiences with each other. 

i believe these will be my last peppers of the season. one banana & one colored pepper. my little potted garden was good to me this year. excited to give it another go next summer! 

I’ve been into making open faced omelettes again. they are just so simple & satisfying. 
coconut oil + 2 eggs + banana pepper + tomatoes + greens & topped off with a little sheep cheese & cayenne pepper to that metabolism fired up! 😉 #YUM

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