Random Snaps // No. 5

Hey Hey! Hope everyone is having great weekend full of all things wonderful! 
 Pretty packed montage of random snaps today… catching up on all kindsa stuff since I got back from my RVA Birthday Weekend. Since I spent my actual birthday with my love in Richmond, the next week was full of celebrations with family & friends here at home! Unfortunately, too much fun & travel (RVA + NYC) caught up with me and I woke up sick on this Monday morning. I’ve written before how much I hate antibiotics and only take them when absolutely necessary…I tried to fight my sore throat/congestion/ears popping/all that good stuff the natural way (loads of Emergen-C, Echinachae + Golden Seal, no workouts, lots of sleep) for 4 days but I could feel it taking a turn for the worse so I finally went to the doc. ugh. So, I have one more day left on my Z-Pack and hopefully I’ll be good to go by first of next week! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!! xx

Much Love,

birthday din & French vibes with the girls at Cafe Monte last Saturday. This is one of my fave spots in Charlotte, and I don’t go often enough! We popped over to Treehouse for one drink afterwards. 

Sunday birthday dinner with the fam was one of my all time fave dinners! Schnitzels + Krautsalat + Potato Salat. This chocolate cake was amazeballs. I had two pieces – whoops. I ate schnitzels for lunch for the next two days! haha They are just so good, I think I could eat one everyday!

my dad makes the best Austrian food!! #spoiled

schnitzel x fried egg …OMG

wearing my new Laura James necklace my babe got me for my birthday for a little wine x yummy eats at Reid’s. A couple of my fave clients wanted to take me out to celebrate — so sweet!

I Love Fall!!!
For my favorite season, I’ve swapped out my fruits in what usual hold all my banana, apples, etc..for these adorable mini pumpkins & squash + this fun fall bouquet of flowers.  
(thank you Trader Joe’s)

love.love.love my new Striped Athleta Leggings. (available, here) The fit is perfect!

dog sitting x rainy day = no fun for either of us. lol 


when I first started feeling sick I went to Luna’s to grab a juice + The Protector (OJ, Cayenne, Ginger, Lemon)

I just love crunchin’ thru leaves on the ground! 

Hazel (Get Well) Tea from Earth Fare
lemon / ginger / honey / cayenne pepper

feeling sick, having no energy & not being able to workout all week has been killing me and even getting me down a little bit. I’ve been going on tons of walks and did an easy bike ride. The weather has been so crazy beautiful this week and I just couldn’t resist getting outside to soak up that amazing fall feeling! 

Viva Chicken Chicken Soup x Sweatpants x binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. haha
I came across the series on Netflix and I cannot.stop.watching. Totally obsessed as if I’ve never seen it before. 
Side Note. Viva Chicken’s Chicken Soup is on point. I swear it made me feel better…

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