Raspberry Tart Smoothie Bowl

G’Morning! Happy Saturday, loves!
Adam & I were up earlier than usual for a Saturday & just enjoying a gorgeous morning here in CLT. We’re hanging out with the windows & doors open, flooding the house with sunshine, fresh air & chilled out music. I made this Raspberry Tart Smoothie Bowl to give me plenty of energy for yoga but not leave me feeling too full! Forward folds & down dog aren’t the most fun with a bunch of food in your tums! (LOL)

I’ve been making smoothie bowls more & more rather than a smoothie lately. I love the fact that I’m basically eating dessert for breakfast or whenever (haha) and their just more satisfying than sippin’ on a smoothie, ya know?

Hope the holiday weekend is off to a beautiful start!
Much love & wishing you all an awesome day! xx


8oz. water
(feel free to use a milk of your choice. I’ve been subbing water for almond milk lately bc honestly, you can’t even taste the difference. Promise! the fruit & protein powder gives you all the flavor & sweetness you need!)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder of your choice
1 frozen banana
2 cups organic, frozen raspberries

Banana fingers
raspberry bits
fresh blueberries
sprinkling of chia seeds

The raspberries x banana & vanilla protein powder is the perfect mix of tart & sweetness!
Grab your spoon & enjoy!


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  1. May 29, 2016 / 11:55 am

    This looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

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