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hiya loves! today, I’m excited to take you inside Restore Cryotherapy!

Who’s tried Cryotherapy!? I was recently invited to Restore Cryotherapy to check out all of the feel-good services offered at their Carmel Rd. location, which include Whole-Body, Local & Cryotherapy Facials, Compression Therapy, Drip (IV Hydration) Therapy + they even have a hyperbaric chamber! For this particular visit, I only tested out a whole-body cryotherapy session. If your not familiar with this fantastically [cold] treatment, lets get you caught up to speed!
I’m sure you’ve all heard of an ice bath to help with post-workout soreness and/or speed up recovery, yes? Cryotherapy works in the same manner, however, rather than sitting in an ice cold bath, you step into a chamber for 3 minutes while nitrogen gas lowers your skins surface temperature to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside the chamber is said to drop to -250 degrees!


– increased energy – decreased muscle soreness, pain & inflammation – increased metabolism – improved circulation – tighter skin + stimulated collagen production

As I mentioned above, if your not quite ready to expose your entire body to the frigid temperatures inside the “tank”, Restore also offers local treatments for anyone looking to reduce pain & inflammation for those particular areas that are chronically tight. For me, that would be my hips & low back + my neck & shoulders.

my experience at Restore started with one heck of a chair + foot massage inside the Drip Zone – a cute, colorful & modernly cozy room where you can chill out while mainlining one of their body-boosting Drip Therapy treatments shown in the photo below…

I’m planning to go back & try out the “Timeless” Drip, which gives your body a mega dose of anti-aging amino acid, Taurine. 

after filling out some personal info & answering a few questions on a tablet, it was time for some (very cold) cryotherapy!!

The sweet girls at Restore showed me to the changing room where I was provided with a robe, socks, slippers & mittens…

Meet Kimber! She was by my side for the 3-minute Cryo session, talking me thru the whole thing and letting me know that I was not going to freeze to death! {haha!}

just before entering the chamber, I handed my robe to Kimber and hopped on in with shorts, sports bra, socks, slippers & mittens…

while inside the chamber, I definitely felt super COLD (!!!) I was shivering & chattering my teeth like crazy! With that being said, I feel like I should mention that I get cold super easy!! On the flip side, Adam came with me and went in for a cryo treatment right before me with practically no reaction to the cold temperature whatsoever. The stark difference in my body’s response to the cold & Adam’s is a true testament that every BODY is so unique and responds to everything you send its way – food, fitness, healing techniques – differently.

Post cryo….I felt what I would describe as an endorphin rush! I definitely had an increase in energy + a tingling sensation all over my body and, that cold feeling did linger for a bit. The next day, I noticed my whole-body skin tone looked smoother, tighter & more toned. I’d attribute this feeling to the fact that Cryotherapy is said to boost your body’s metabolism, burning anywhere from 500-800 calories in the following 8 hours after each 3 minute session!

If your wondering who should try cryotherapy, my answer would be…everyone!
Restore Cryotherapy treats everyone from elementary school athletes to professional sports teams including our very own Carolina Panthers! WORTH MENTIONING: Restore Cryotherapy offers discounts to athletes in high school and younger/servicemen and women. In addition to their Carmel Road location, Restore has a whole-body cryo chamber inside the Charlotte Athletic Club in the Duke Energy Building + stay tuned for another location to open in the next few months!

Me & my friends at Restore are happy to provide a 20% discount to anyone who is interested in trying out & experiencing the many benefits of Cryotherapy for themselves!
{This post MUST be presented at checkout in order to redeem your discount}

Be sure to follow me @lauren_schwaiger and Restore Cryotherapy @restore_cryo_clt on Instagram where we will be doing a Giveaway for 3 FREE Cryotherapy Sessions!! 

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Happy Friday, my friends! xx

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