Ridin’ Solo – HIIT Spin Workout

Heyyyy! Hope all is well on this Monday night & your first full week of 2014 is off to an amazing start! I did a whole lotta running around in this freezing cold, but gorgeous weather. The air was so fresh & clear today, it makes it kind of hard to complain about the cold. Had a few client sessions today, ran errands, squeezed in a much needed pedicure and got lucky (again) when I called this morning to see if I could get in with my chiro, Dr. Brad. (he had a cancellation at 420 -Yesss. I’ll take it!)I saved my workout for tonight after work, rather than this afternoon and for some reason the bike was calling my name. I pretty much did an entire spin class on my own. Once I got going, music playing, I just felt so good and had so much energy I felt like I could ride forever.

HIIT Spin Workout

Warm Up: 8 minutes
9-45 minutes: 1 min sprint/1 min recover 5x with 3 minutes rest in between each set of 5 Sprints. Last Sprint out of seat (Hill)
45-55 minutes: 30 sec sprint/30 sec recover
Cool Down: 5 minutes

It was nearly 945pm by the time I got off the bike – quickly ran thru:

– Triceps Pushdowns: 20 x 3 – Bent Over, Low Pulley, Rear Delt Pull: 15 x 3

Clean Eating

Green Smoothie

Dandelion Greens Green Smoothie I posted for Smoothie Sunday

Pea Soup + Red Rice

Midi Meal:
Pea Soup + Red Rice to make it more filling

Quinoa + Carrots

Quinoa + Carrots | Gala Apples
(on the go food)

Trader Joe's Shopping Cart

Loading up at Trader Joes

Acupunture + Dry Needles

Acupuncture + Dry Needles.

I can’t tell you enough how amazing this is. I’ve written about this a few times and totally sound like a broken record, but if you’ve yet to try acupuncture and/or dry needling, you must! Physically, this gives me such relief thru my neck & shoulders. Mentally & emotionally, the positive effects are endless…I feel incredibly calm, happy, balanced, focused & sleep better.


This beautiful, clear winter sky stopped me in my tracks as I was walking out of the office. Not the best photo, but thought I would share any way 🙂

Lauren Schwaiger

Don’t Sweat My Swag. haha
This shirt was made for me! so many friends have silly nicknames for me using different versions of swag, schwaggie, Lswaggie, one even calls me LBoogie. Too funny.

 I leave you with this song…I’m totally diggin this softer side of Miley..

G’Night loves,


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