Rustic Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/ Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper & Maple Syrup

Hello Loves! I’m so excited to share my so simple & so delicious recipe for these Roasted Sweet Potatoes with you today! I have been obsessed with these lately & have been making a batch pretty much every week! Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite foods & one of the healthiest complex carbs you can eat + they make for an excellent post workout carb that helps with muscle recovery or just a yummy side dish alongside your meal.

PREHEAT oven to 400
WASH YOUR SWEET POTATOES. give ’em a good washing, pat dry with a paper towel & place on cutting board
SWEET POTATO WEDGES. cut ends off. cut in half, lengthwise. cut again, into quarters, making wedges. Try to make your cuts evenly so your potatoes will roast evenly once in the oven
on a baking pan, place your sweet potato wedges – scatter evenly (can I say evenly again? lol) leaving space in between each sweet potato. 
OLIVE OIL. Once you have all your sweet potatoes laid out on the pan, drizzle olive oil across them all. Be sure not to use too much otherwise your potatoes will come out mushy. 
SEA SALT. next, I give a generous cranking of sea salt all over my potatoes (but don’t go crazy)
CAYENNE PEPPER. then comes your cayenne.. sprinkle cayenne pepper very, very sparingly! I take my fingers and work in pinches. take a pinch and sprinkle, another pinch and sprinkle… moving across all my sweet potatoes. I love spice so I may add more than the next person would enjoy. Cayenne packs some heat so go easy with it and perhaps the next time you make a batch of these babies you play around with adding more/less.
CINNAMON. omg, I love cinnamon. and when your roasting your potatoes the house smells SO gooooood.. like your baking. Any way, you can be a little heavy handed with your cinnamon. 
TIME TO PUT THESE BABIES IN THE OVEN. on the middle rack, place your tray of sweet potatoes in the oven and roast for 30 minutes. 
HALF WAY THROUGH. remove potatoes from the oven, turn your sweet potato wedges over and promptly return to the oven.
AS SOON AS THEY ARE DONE… quickly remove your trey of wedges from the oven & have your maple syrup ready to go. I fill a tablespoon at a time with maple syrup and move around my tray giving each sweet potato wedge just a drop or two and then take my pair of tongs and just kind of rub each potato in the maple syrup that dripped underneath each wedge. 

allow to cool for a couple minutes, plate & serve. 

If your not a fan of spice, whatsoever, feel free to omit the cayenne all togther. I typically roast up 2-3 sweet potatoes at a time, just depending on size which give me about 3 servings.
Hope you love these Rustic Roasted Sweet Potatoes as much as I do!  xx

Much Love,

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