RVA // (Birthday) Weekend No. 4

Hello & Happy Hump Day! Hope the week is going great for everyone. The rain has
(finally) stopped and we are having some seriously gorgeous fall weather here in CLT – the kind of weather we wait all year for! This week has been off to a crazy start in the best way possible!! But let’s get caught up on my birthday weekend in RVA. The weekend wasn’t as picture heavy as usual but an amazing one, that’s for sure. Between all the rain + Adam’s shoot week, it was a sleepy, low-key weekend with lots of sweet time & moments with my babe — special moments in between the picture taking, that are just for us, that live in my heart-space. <3

I took my usual evening flight last Thursday, which gets me into our apartment around 8pm. Adam wrapped his shoot day & got in not too long after, he scooped me up and we headed to Metzger with a friend of ours to grab a late dinner. 


Rain. Rain. And more rain. Adam had a later start to a crazy long day. Typically, you start earlier/end a little earlier. Start later/end later. Friday night/Saturday morning, Adam walked in the door at 3:11am. He left the house at 10am. I, spent the entire day hiding out from the rain, blogging on the couch. About 5pm, I headed to the market to get some food in the house. I got back, unloaded the groceries & headed downstairs to get a workout in around 7ish. I winded up doing nearly an hour of cardio! A shower & a salad, were in order. 

this turkey breast salad was SO good! And this Organic Girl Greens mix with Pea Shoots is hands down my new fave! Austrian Pepitas!? LOVE. 

Wake up on my birthday with my love…happiest.heart.ever. oh and…more rain, ugh. My poor boo was so exhausted, he had a hell of a week. We chilled out, enjoying our morning together over coffee/breakfast, worked out, lunch at Union Market, A spoiled me with birthday gifts, we napped, showered and went to my fave RVA restaurant, L’Opossum with a bunch of friends. It was the perfect birthday. 

chia pudding | goat yogurt | strawberries | goji berries | cacao nibs 

soup & salad combo for me, sliders & soup for the boy. 

birthday hangover, eek. we slept till 1130. (whoops) worked out, drove down to Carytown to THE sweetest housewares store, Ladle’s & Linens to pick up a few things & last, to Fresh Market to pick up some goodies to have the camera boys over for Sunday Film Fam dinner. I roasted butternut squash + sweet onions. OMG. yummy! Made a pretty rockin’ salad & our friend Dave made a perfectly cooked Pork Tenderloin. It was an early evening, everyone skedaddled around 9, we were in bed by 1030. 

sunday superfood bowls were on point. 

And just like that, another weekend visiting my love was over far too quickly 🙁 until next time…

Thanks for stopping in! xx

Much Love, 

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