RVA // (Halloween) Weekend No. 6

Hi Hi, loves! Sharing my very last (Halloween) weekend in RVA with you all! I honestly cannot believe this 4 month stint is almost done! I was talking with a client the other day about how Adam will be home soon and 1) how this time has surprisingly gone quicker than I so sadly imagined as I stood in the kitchen and cried my eyes out on July 22nd after saying goodbye to my babe 2) that we really have been able to see each other a whole lot during these months apart — 6 weekends in RVA + 1 weekend home + 1 weekend in NYC. I am beyond grateful that this film was so close and I was able to see my love so often. (I know we won’t always be this lucky)

So! Our weekend was even better than I initially planned for, as the shoot schedule got pretty turned around due to rain. I was anticipating Adam having a crazy late Thursday night (wrap around 3am) + a full on night shoot on Friday (wrap at 7am Saturday). Much to my surprise, he beat me home from the airport on Thursday night which allowed us to have a nice dinner together + he was home by 830pm on Friday night. With all the being said, my poor babe was super run down from the week, sick & on antibiotics. Thursday night was a quick dinner at one of our fave RVA haunts, Rappahannock, & home to passss out so Adam could be up and out the door by 5am. Eek…

Friday, I spent the day solo, did some work online + some studying for something I have going on starting next week. I went to the market + got outside to soak up a truly perfect fall day! I hopped on Adam’s bike and headed out for an amazing 2 hour bike ride thru the country, all along the Virginia Capital Trail. This trail is pretty rad and you don’t even know how badly I wish we had something like this in CLT! Thanks to Wiki, I can share with you that the VC Trail is for bicycles & pedestrians ONLY (amazing!) & runs for 55 miles between Richmond, Jamestown & Williamsburg. I’m not sure how many miles I got in, but I rode for over an hour before I turned around. Too bad I couldn’t have just kept riding in the same direction and hitched a ride home because my glorious,  I’m-in-love-with-life (joy)ride that I was so thoroughly enjoying in one direction turned into a not so fun, against-the-wind, snot-running-down-my-face, fuck-this-bike-ride very quickly! haha Needless to say, me and my cold bones were happy to be home and take a warm shower.
Around 830pm, my boo thang got in and we simply enjoyed the night with each other.

Saturday sleep-in’s, superfoods brekkie bowls & coffee, followed by a 4ish mile walk all over downtown Richmond with a pit stop into Union Market for lunch. Side Note. Richmond is an amazing city to get a really awesome power walk in. The city reminds me of San Fran, with killer hills all over the place. There’s also a couple spots with some insane stairs if you feel so inclined. We wanted to check out a rad spot called The Dog & Pig Show, but they were closed for a private party. (poop!) Back at home, we chilled out, I put Adam & I thru a deep stretch sesh + some foam rolling. I made us some salads, sipped on some vino, showered and got ready to head out to our Halloween parteee.

SO sad this place was closed — it looked so sweet inside!

a little legs up the wall & foam rolling action

kinda sad we got like no good pics for Halloween but oh wells … we were Oktoberfest Peeps in Lederhosen 🙂

Sunday was super chill & rainy. We headed to Fresh Market to get everything we needed to make chicken soup and had a few friends over that night. While we were out, we found our way to Burger Bach – A New Zealand GastroPub for a super yum lunch! This was my first time here and omg, so good! They serve super high-quality, grass-fed beef & lamb burgers, free-range chicken & veggie burgers. Everything is super fresh, naturally sourced, organic & hormone free! #winning We split a lamb burger with no bun + an order of fries. I’m not one for sauces, like ever! But this place offers all these can’t-resist sauces to dip your FF’s in and we opted for the Curry Sauce. It was amazeballs!!

I made this totally random warm chia porridge with crazy ripe smashed bananas + organic PB for breakfast. It was kind of amazing

snapchat silliness

another winner from Bon Appétit, we used this Double-Dark Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe. It was so simple & so good. No noodles for moi

And as always, first thing Monday AM I was up and off to the airport to head back to CLT. Thanks for tuning in! xx

Much Love,


  1. Sarah
    November 15, 2015 / 1:37 am

    So awesome! I actually sprint those stairs in the mornings! Really work your quads. I live right in front of that intersection. I also highly recommend going to Libby Hill which is on your way if you go up the stairs! You will see the best view of Richmond from there. Also, if you are craving something sweet, I would suggest going to Whisk! Its this French inspired coffee/bakery that just opened up, and its right on Main. Good luck!

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      November 15, 2015 / 2:26 pm

      Hi! Those stairs are pretty wicked!! Wish we had a set of those here in CLT. We passed thru Libby Hill – amazing view, no doubt! We also saw Whisk and it looked super cute and sounded delicious! My boyfriend & I fell in love with RVA over these last several months, I know we will be back for sure. Such a great town with so much character & the yummiest food scene! Much Love, xxLS

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